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Questions - New Congress - January 7-8, 2014

Voters Want Congress To Tackle Taxes, Spending First
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National Presidential Tracking Survey

Conducted January 7-8, 2015

Survey of 800 Likely Voters


1* How closely have you followed recent news reports about the new Congress?


2* What should the new Congress deal with first – Obamacare, the Keystone pipeline, taxes and spending, immigration, the War on Terror or climate change?


3* President Obama and Republicans in Congress oppose each other on most major issues facing the nation. Is this opposition due mostly to honest differences of opinion or mostly to partisan politics?


4* When it comes to dealing with issues that he considers important to the nation, should President Obama take action alone if Congress does not approve the initiatives he has proposed or should the government do only what the president and Congress agree on?


5* Should a president be able to change a law passed by Congress if he thinks the change will make the law work better, or should any changes he wants to make in a law be approved first by Congress?


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence