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Questions - War in Afghanistan - December 29-30, 2014

Voters Say Mission Not Accomplished in Afghanistan
Most Voters Now Favor Leaving Troops Behind in Afghanistan
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National Presidential Tracking Survey

Conducted December 29-30, 2014

Survey of 1,000 Likely Voters

1* How closely have you followed recent news stories about Afghanistan?

2* The United States has formally ended its combat mission in Afghanistan, but several thousand U.S. troops will remain in that country for training and counterterrorism efforts. Should some U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan through 2016 or should the United States withdraw all troops from the country as soon as possible?

3* President George W. Bush launched the war in Afghanistan to end that country's harboring of al Qaeda terrorists training against the United States. Has that mission been accomplished?

4* Has the war in Afghanistan reduced the threat of radical Islamic terrorism to this country or increased that threat? Or has it had no impact?

5* In the long run, will America’s mission in Afghanistan be judged a success or a failure?

NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence