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Questions - Protests - December 10-11, 2014

Grand Jury Protests: What Are They Good For?
Young People Are Less Likely to See Voting As Catalyst For Change
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National Survey of 1,000 American Adults

Conducted December 10-11, 2014

Rasmussen Reports

1* How closely have you followed recent news reports about protests around the country following grand jury decisions involving police officers – very closely, somewhat closely, not very closely or not at all?

2* How likely are these protests to bring about the changes the protesters are seeking - very likely, somewhat likely, not very likely or not at all likely?

3* Do you consider most protests like this to be effective or to be an aggravation?

4* Generally speaking, do these protesters reflect the concerns of their neighbors or are these protests staged by special interest groups and outside agitators?

5* Have you ever participated in a public protest of any kind?

6* Which is more effective – violent or non-violent protest?

7* Are young people more politically active or less politically active now than they were in previous generations? Or is the level of political activism about the same?

8* Is social media an effective way to encourage political activism among young people?

9* Which is the most effective way of bringing about social or political change in America today – public protests, economic boycotts, voting, educational campaigns or petitions?


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence