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Toplines - Heartland Institute: Climate Change - April 29-May 3, 2021

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Survey of 2,000 Likely Voters by Pulse Opinion Research

April 29-May 3, 2021

Final Question=24


1. How often do you consume news or opinion content online, in print, or on television each week? Nearly every day, three to five days per week, or one to two days per week?


66% Nearly every day

19% Three to five days per week

10% One to two days per week

5% You don't typically consume news content



2. Where do you primarily read or watch news and opinion content? Cable television (such as CNN or Fox News), network television, online news or commentary websites, Youtube or other social media, talk radio, streaming services, or a mix of services?

30% Cable television

12% Network television

14% Online news or commentary websites

8% Youtube or other social media

4% Talk radio

3% Streaming services

28% A mix of services

2% Aren't sure, or use another source


3. Among cable news outlets, which one would you characterize as your favorite? CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or another?

20% CNN


34% Fox News

19% Another

10% You don't watch cable news outlets



4. Among network news outlets, which one would you characterize as your favorite? ABC, CBS, NBC, or another?

18% ABC

16% CBS

21% NBC

30% Another

10% Don't watch network news outlets



5. Generally speaking, would you say the news and opinion content you read and watch is mostly conservative, somewhat conservative, mostly liberal, somewhat liberal, or neither conservative nor liberal?


22% Mostly conservative

22% Somewhat conservative

20% Mostly liberal

14% Somewhat liberal

20% Neither conservative nor liberal

3% Not sure



6. Is climate change caused primarily by human activity or by long-term planetary trends?

55% Human activity

45% Long-term planetary trends



7. How many degrees (measured in Fahrenheit) has global temperature increased since the late 1800s? Less than 1 degree, 1 degree to 3 degrees, 3 degrees to 5 degrees, 5 degrees to 10 degrees, 10 degrees to 20 degrees, or more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit?


14% Less than 1 degree

37% 1 degree to 3 degrees

27% 3 degrees to 5 degrees

14% 5 degrees to 10 degrees

6% 10 degrees to 20 degrees

2% More than 20 degrees



8. If global carbon-dioxide emissions continue to increase at a rate comparable to what occurred during the past decade, how many years do you think it will take for humans to become completely or nearly extinct due to climate change? 10 to 20 years, 20 to 50 years, 50 to 100 years, or more than 100 years?

4% 10 to 20 years

13% 20 to 50 years

20% 50 to 100 years

46% More than 100 years

16% Don't think humanity will become extinct due to climate change


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 2 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence