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Toplines - Arkansas Paper Ballots - November 2023

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National Survey of 893 Arkansas Likely Voters

Conducted November 11-26, 2023

By Rasmussen Reports and Arkansas Voter Integrity



1* How likely is it that using hand-marked ballots in Arkansas would make voting safer and more trustworthy?


35% Very likely

25% Somewhat likely

15% Not very likely

13% Not at all likely

13% Not sure


2* Would using hand-marked paper ballots in Arkansas make you trust elections more, trust elections less, or would it not make much difference?


44% Trust more

17% Trust less

34% Not much difference

  5% Not sure


3* Do you agree or disagree? “Hand-marked ballots are safer than touchscreen voting machines.”


37% Strongly agree

24% Somewhat agree

15% Somewhat disagree

14% Strongly disagree

11% Not sure


4* Do you think hand-marked ballots are more trustworthy than touchscreen voting, less trustworthy than touchscreen voting, or do you think hand-marked ballots and touchscreen voting are about equally trustworthy?


44% More trustworthy

18% Less trustworthy

30% Equal

  7% Not sure


5* Would you support or oppose Arkansas only allowing hand-marked ballots for voting?


37% Strongly support

22% Somewhat support

14% Somewhat oppose

17% Strongly oppose

10% Not sure


6* How concerned are you that there will be cheating in the 2024 elections involving electronic voting machines?


44% Very concerned

21% Somewhat concerned

16% Not very concerned

16% Not at all concerned

  3% Not sure


7* Do you agree or disagree: “All U.S. states should stop electronic voting and only use hand-marked ballots?"


36% Strongly agree

20% Somewhat agree

14% Somewhat disagree

20% Strongly disagree

11% Not sure


8* Do you agree or disagree: “Every election should be audited by hand-counting votes before declaring who won?”


50% Strongly agree

23% Somewhat agree

10% Somewhat disagree

12% Strongly disagree

  5% Not sure


9* Would you support or oppose a constitutional amendment requiring the primary method of voting be conducted using hand-marked paper ballots?


35% Strongly support

23% Somewhat support

13% Somewhat oppose

20% Strongly Oppose

  9% Not sure


10* Who did you vote for in the 2020 Presidential election?


62% Trump

35% Biden

  1% Other

  1% Didn’t vote

  1% Not sure


11* If the 2024 presidential election was held today, and the main candidates were President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump, who would you vote for?


32% Biden

58% Trump

  8% Other

  1% Didn’t vote

  1% Not sure


12* How likely is it that you will vote in your state’s 2024 Republican presidential primary election?


62% Very likely

13% Somewhat likely

7% Not very likely

12% Not at all likely

  5% Not sure


13* If the 2024 republican presidential primary election were held today, who would you vote for:  former President Donald Trump,  Florida Gov Ron DeSantis,  former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, or someone else?


49% Trump

10% DeSantis

20% Hutchinson

15% Other

  6% Not sure


14* How would you rate the job Joe Biden has been doing as President?


20% Strongly approve

17% Somewhat approve

  8% Somewhat disapprove

54% Strongly disapprove

  1% Not sure


15* How would you rate the job Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been doing as Governor?


32% Strongly approve

26% Somewhat approve

14% Somewhat disapprove

24% Strongly disapprove

  4% Not sure



NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence