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Questions - NPA - July 16-18, 2021

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Survey of 996 Likely Voters by Rasmussen Reports

July 16-18, 2021


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has established a committee to investigate what happened in Washington DC on January 6th 2021.  Do you support this investigation?



According to a study of 68 cities by the Major Cities Chiefs Association, in the summer of 2020, there were at least 574 protests that involved acts of violence, including assaults on police officers, looting and arson.  More than 2,000 police officers sustained injuries in the line of duty.  Should congress investigate the 2020 violent protests that occurred in these cities?



Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the Capitol Police for their efforts on January 6th 2021.  Do you support these awards?



Should congress award medals to the law enforcement agencies that defended their cities from violent looters and rioters in 2020?



The Smithsonian Institution is collecting items related to January 6th 2021 in order to memorialize it.  Do you agree or disagree with The Smithsonian’s actions? 



Should the Smithsonian Institution collect items from the cities that suffered from violent protests and looting in 2020?



Over 500 people have been arrested for January 6th 2021 participation.  Should these people be prosecuted?  



Most of the charges have been dropped against people arrested in summer 2020 violent riots.  Should these people be prosecuted?  



Some Capitol Police have publicly criticized politicians who downplayed the January 6th riot.  Do you agree with this criticism? 



Should politicians who failed to acknowledge the violent riots from 2020 be criticized?



President Biden and Vice President Harris met with the family of George Floyd.  Do you support this action?



In June 2020, retired St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn was murdered when he was protecting his friend’s business from looters.  Should President Biden and Vice President Harris meet with the family of David Dorn?



Black Lives Matters leaders have denounced the United States flag and the Thin Blue Line flag as symbols of racism. Do you agree with them?



Should those wishing to show support for the United States and police be allowed to display those flags?



The critics of the United States flag and Thin Blue Line flag have not suggested alternative symbols to show support for the United States and police they would find acceptable. Do you believe they are motivated by concerns for racism or by a desire to attack the United States and police?



Prosecutors in many jurisdictions are refusing to prosecute Trespassing, Shoplifting, Disorderly conduct, Disturbing the peace, Receiving stolen property, Breaking and entering, Resisting arrest and other 'quality of life' crimes.  Is this likely to have increased the occurrence of these crimes?



Should young people be taught to comply with police rather than resist or flee arrest?