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NUSA May 2024 - NC Questions - Final

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A Survey of 1,053 North Carolina Likely Voters

Conducted May 26-27, 2024 by

Rasmussen Reports and NumbersUSA

1.     Biden Approval



2.     If the 2024 candidates for President were Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who would you vote for?



3.     In trying to control illegal immigration, should the state of North Carolina mandate that ALL employers use the federal electronic E-Verify system to help ensure that they hire only legal workers for U.S. jobs?



4.     Do you agree or disagree? Hiring illegal workers harms legal workers by reducing pay, diminishing working conditions, and making fewer jobs available to North Carolinians.



5.     When businesses say they are having trouble finding North Carolinians to take jobs in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, or seasonal work, what is generally best for the state?  Is it better for businesses to raise pay and try harder to recruit non-working North Carolinians even if it causes prices to rise, or is it better for the government to bring in new foreign workers to help keep business costs and prices down?



6.     Do you agree or disagree? If North Carolina requires an employer to use E-Verify to make sure their new hires are legal workers, but a business refuses to comply, that company should lose its business license to operate in North Carolina.



7.     If your North Carolina state legislator votes AGAINST an E-Verify bill, would you be more likely to support them in the future, less likely to support them, or does it not matter?



8.     The Federal Government has a program that allows state and local law enforcement agencies to partner with Federal Immigration authorities to better capture, detain, hold and deport criminal illegal aliens.  Would you support or oppose requiring the use of that program in North Carolina?



9.     Nearly 10 million migrants have been encountered by federal border authorities since early 2021. Due to the current administration’s border policies and the resulting border crisis, states across the country are feeling the effects of illegal immigration like never before.  How important is it for North Carolina to use every tool available to combat illegal immigration?



10.  Remittances are money individuals send from the U.S. to people in other countries. Remittance money leaves American communities and can’t be used to buy things that stimulate the state and local economy where the money originated. Would you support or oppose a state law that charged a fee for money transfers out of the United States to help reduce remittances?



11.  How long have you lived in North Carolina?





NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence