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Media Meters for Coverage of President Obama

The Rasmussen Reports Media Meter tracks media coverage of President Obama and other public figures.

Roll your mouse over the sections of the pie chart to see what share of media mentions about the president were positive or negative over the past seven days. This feature is updated daily.


The graphic below shows trends in coverage of the president over the past several weeks. The line in the top portion of the graphic highlights the trend in positive or negative mentions. Any sentiment measure above “0” indicates the coverage has been positive on balance. The bar chart below highlights the volume of positive and negative mentions. Click on “view sentiment” to see the overall trend or click on “view volume” to see the volume of mentions.


Premium Members will soon be offered an interactive version of the Media Meter tools. This will include the ability to explore different time frames of coverage and to compare coverage of traditional media versus User Generated Content on the web.

See the FAQs for more information about the Rasmussen Reports Media Meter.