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Questions - Rasmussen Reports Immigration Index - June 20, 2024

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National Survey of 1,000 Likely Voters
Conducted June 20, 2024

By Rasmussen Reports


1* On the question of illegal immigration, is the government doing too much or too little to reduce illegal border crossings and visitor overstays? Or is the level of action about right?


2* In trying to control illegal immigration, should the government mandate that all employers use the federal electronic E-Verify system to help ensure that they hire only legal workers for U.S. jobs?


3* Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose giving lifetime work permits to most of the approximately two million illegal residents who came to this country when they were minors?


4* Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose giving lifetime work permits to most of the estimated 12 million illegal residents of all ages who currently reside in the United States?


5* Now, I'm going to ask you about authorized legal immigration: Recent federal policies have added about one million new permanent immigrants to the United States each year. Which is closest to the number of new immigrants the government should be adding each year -- fewer than 500,000, 750,000, one million, one and a half million, or more than one and a half million?


6* Do you favor legal immigrants being allowed to bring with them only a spouse and minor children, or do you favor them also eventually bringing in other adult relatives in a process that can include extended family and their spouses' families?


7* When businesses say they are having trouble finding Americans to take jobs in construction, manufacturing, hospitality and other service work, what is generally best for the country?  Is it better for businesses to raise the pay and try harder to recruit non-working Americans even if it causes prices to rise, or is it better for the government to bring in new foreign workers to help keep business costs and prices down?


8* Should Congress increase the number of foreign workers taking higher-skill U.S. jobs or does the country already have enough talented people to train and recruit for most of those jobs?


9* The Census Bureau projects that current immigration policies are responsible for most U.S. population growth and will add 75 million people over the next 40 years. In terms of the effect on the overall quality of life in the United States, do you favor continuing this level of immigration-driven population growth, slowing down immigration-driven population growth or having no immigration-driven population growth at all?


10* Should immigration-driven population growth be reduced to limit the expansion of cities into U.S. wildlife habitats and farmland?


11* How would you rate the job Joe Biden is doing as president?


12* If the 2024 candidates for president were Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who would you vote for?


13* If the 2024 candidates for president were Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornell West, and Jill Stein, who would you vote for?


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence