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Will There Be Any Presents Under America’s Christmas Tree This Year?

A Commentary By Brain C. Joondeph

It has been a rough couple of years, first with COVID, then an economy pummeled by inflation and recession. Most Americans are hoping for a shiny present under the American Christmas tree this year. But will it be a lump of coal instead?

Before thinking about presents, what are Americans currently thinking about the direction of the United States? Rasmussen Reports asked likely U.S. voters if the country is heading in the right or wrong direction. Only 35% think we are going in the right direction, compared to 60% who believe we are heading in the wrong direction. Americans send a big bah-humbug to those running the country.

For President Joe Biden, his approval numbers are more of a lump of coal than a pony under the Christmas tree. When likely U.S. voters were queried on Dec 13 what they thought of Biden, versus former President Donald Trump exactly 4 years ago, Biden’s total approval was 46%, three points lower than Trump a few weeks before his second Christmas in the White House, at 49% total approval.

What might Americans be concerned about as we enter the holiday season? Plenty. Rather than the 12 days of Christmas, how about the 12 or more days of discontent? Let’s air some grievances in the spirit of Festivus.

Those illegally crossing our borders can harbor all sorts of infectious diseases, but those who live in America must be vaccinated, boosted multiple times, wear a mask, and stay six feet away from every other human being.

Foreigners who want to visit the U.S. to see their families, vacation, and spend their own money must wait years for a visa application appointment, but those crossing the border illegally receive free food, housing, clothing, healthcare, and education immediately.

Doctors and engineers who want to work in America for the benefit of America must take myriad exams, fill out endless paperwork, and wait for years for possible approval. But any illiterate and unskilled migrant or criminal can stroll into the U.S. to hurt and certainly not help America.

We cannot count the number of Americans in America for the census, but our borders are wide open for anyone in the world to enter America and be supported by the Americans we cannot count.

Russians somehow influencing our elections is wrong, but it’s perfectly fine for Russians, Mexicans, Africans, or anyone else from anywhere else to cast votes in our elections.We must pretend a man dressing as a woman is actually a woman, and pretend along with him, or risk being called horrible names if we point out the obvious. Those who can’t define “a woman” celebrate a woman Supreme Court justice and long for a woman president.

Friends and family have become hostile and dismissive over differing opinions about Trump, masks, vaccines, and all things political. Those who scream for diversity and inclusion want nothing of the sort in their own lives.

One must be 21 years old to buy beer or cigarettes, but one can vote at age 18, and get an abortion or have gender mutilation surgery as a preteen.

Trump tweeting that he wouldn’t attend Biden’s inauguration was an incitement to violence and sedition, on par with Hitler or the Christchurch shooter, according to Twitter executives, leading Twitter to ban the leader of the free world from the world’s largest media platform. But the Ayatollah Khamenei calling Israel “a malignant cancerous tumor … that has to be removed and eradicated” is an acceptable tweet and not worthy of tweet deletion or banning according to the same Twitter executives.

Those who have never owned slaves must pay reparations to those who never were slaves. Along the same lines, those who never attended college should pay the tuition costs of those who went to college but did not learn anything sufficiently to earn enough to pay back their own loans.

Vice-President Joe Biden can threaten and blackmail Ukraine with impunity, but when President Donald Trump asks about it, he is impeached.

A few billion dollars to protect the border of America is too expensive, but over $100 billion to protect Ukraine’s border is still not enough.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists could gather and riot in large groups during the height of COVID-19, but children could not attend school in person.

Prescription drugs taken by millions of individuals for decades with minimal if any adverse effects were going to kill us, but experimental gene therapy was deemed “safe and effective” and required for work, school, and travel.
It is indeed an upside-down world. In the season of hope and joy, things are more chaotic than ever. While we may wish for an exciting new toy  under the American Christmas tree in a few weeks, instead we receive double-talk, lies, and a big lump of coal. Let’s hope for a Christmas miracle.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a physician and writer.
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