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Questions - Ebola and Hospitals - September 12-13, 2014

Americans Worry Less About Ebola Threat to U.S.
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National Survey of 1,000 Adults

Conducted September 12-13, 2014

By Rasmussen Reports

1* How closely have you followed recent news reports about the growing Ebola disease epidemic in Africa?

2* Is the international community doing enough to get the Ebola epidemic in Africa under control?

3* How concerned are you personally about the threat of Ebola disease?

4* Patients with Ebola disease are now being brought to the United States for treatment. How likely is it that Ebola will get into the general population of the United States?

5* How confident are you that the U.S. public health system will be able to contain Ebola disease if it breaks out in this country?

6* Have you or someone in your immediate family been admitted to a hospital in the past year?

7* How would you rate the level of care in U.S. hospitals today?

8* Are U.S. hospitals better or worse than hospitals in most other countries, or is the level of quality about the same?

9* How concerned are you about the risk of picking up a serious infection while staying in a hospital?

NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence