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Questions - TV Viewing - March 17-18, 2015

Americans Say Cable, Satellite TV Too Expensive, Too Restrictive
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National Survey of 800 American Adults

Conducted March 17-18, 2015
By Rasmussen Reports


1* In a typical week how often do you watch television? Rarely or never, occasionally, at least once a week, several times a week, or every day or nearly every day?


2* Do you have cable TV, satellite TV service or a regular household antenna?


3* (Answered by 671 Adults who have Cable or Satellite TV) Is the cost of TV service too high, too low or about right?


4* (Answered by 671 Adults who have Cable or Satellite TV) Which best describes your TV service – too many channels you don’t need, not enough channels you do need or about the right amount of channels?


5* (Answered by 671 Adults who have Cable or Satellite TV) Does your TV provider offer you enough flexibility in choosing the channels you need and opting out of the ones you don’t need or want?


6* (Answered by 671 Adults who have Cable or Satellite TV) Do you subscribe to a premium cable channel like HBO or Showtime?


 7* Do you use an online streaming service like Netflix or Hulu to watch TV and movies?


8* During an average week, are you more likely to watch a movie that you have rented through an online streaming or On Demand service, one that is showing on a premium cable channel, one that is on regular network TV or one that you already own?


9* Which is the best way to ensure customers get the TV service they want at a price they are willing to pay – more free market competition or more government regulation?


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence