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Questions - Freedom of Speech - June 5-6, 2014

61% Think America is Too Politically Correct
29% Favor Ban on Hate Speech
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National Survey of 1,000 American Adults

Conducted June 5-6, 2014
By Rasmussen Reports

1* How important is freedom of speech – very important, somewhat important, not very important or not at all important?

2* Do Americans have true freedom of speech today, or do they have to be careful not to say something politically incorrect to avoid getting in trouble?

3* Is there more freedom of speech or less of it in America today? Or is the level of freedom of speech about the same?

4* How serious a problem is hate speech in America today – very serious, somewhat serious, not very serious or not at all serious?

5* Many European countries and Canada do not have full freedom of speech but instead have laws to prevent hate speech. Would it be a good idea for the United States to ban hate speech?

6* Which is better—allowing free speech without government interference or letting government decide what types of hate speech should be banned?

7* Which is more important—giving people the right to free speech or making sure no one is offended by what others say?

8* When deciding whether to do business with a company, what is more important to you – the quality of the business’ work product or the political and social views of the people who run the company?

9* Has America today has become too politically correct, not politically correct enough or is the amount of political correctness about right?

NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence