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Questions - Violence in Movies - January 20-21, 2015

Americans Are Less Critical Of Impact Movies Have on Society
Are Critics of 'American Sniper' Anti-Violence or Anti-Military?
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National Survey of 800 Adults

Conducted January 20-21, 2015

By Rasmussen Reports


1* How often do you watch a movie - every day or nearly every day, two or three times a week, once a week, a few times a month, every now and then, rarely or never?

2* Generally speaking, do movies and the movie industry have a positive or a negative impact on American society?


3* When thinking about inappropriate content in movies today, what is the biggest problem - profanity, sexual content or violence?


4* Do violent movies lead to more violence in our society?


5* Have you seen or are you likely to see the new film, “American Sniper”?


6* The film “American Sniper” is about a real-life highly-decorated U.S. serviceman fighting in Iraq. Some are now complaining that the film glorifies a killer. Are critics of “American Sniper” motivated primarily by a concern that the film glorifies violence or mostly by their political views?


7* Generally speaking, is Hollywood pro-military or anti-military?


8* How would you describe the politics of Hollywood - conservative, moderate or liberal?


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence