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Questions - Unemployment Benefits - Jan 8-9, 2014

46% Favor Extending Unemployment Benefits, 39% Oppose
46% Believe Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Increase Unemployment
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National Survey of 1,000 American Adults
Conducted January 8-9, 2014
By Rasmussen Reports


1* How closely have you followed recent news reports about government unemployment benefits?

2* Congress is now considering a proposal that would continue combined state and federal unemployment benefits for up to 73 weeks for those unable to find a job. Do you favor or oppose continuing these unemployment benefits?

3* Supporters estimate that this extension of federal unemployment benefits will cost $6.4 billion. Some members of Congress are willing to support the extension in exchange for $6.4 billion in spending cuts elsewhere in the federal budget. Do you favor or oppose extending unemployment benefits in exchange for off-setting budget cuts?

4* Is it possible for anyone with a college degree and willing to work to find a job within 73 weeks?

5* Generally speaking, do long-term unemployment benefits increase or decrease the number of people who remain unemployed? Or do they have no impact on the unemployment level?

6*   Do long-term unemployment benefits help or hurt the economy, or do they have no impact?

7* Have you or anyone in your immediate family received unemployment benefits in the past year?

8* Have you or anyone in your family been turned down for a job in the past year?

9* Have you or anyone in your family turned down a job offer in the past year?

NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence