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Questions - Favorite Sport - November 27, 2012

Football Is The Clear Favorite For Sports Fans
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National Survey of 1,100 Adults
Conducted November 27, 2012
By Rasmussen Reports


1* When you turn on your television or go online, which of the following do you look for first…news, sports, movies, television series or something else?

2* In terms of your day-to-day life, how often do you spend talking with family and friends about sports?


3* How important is it for young people to participate in sports as part of their development?


4* This holiday season, will you spend more time watching holiday specials or sports on television?


5* Which is your favorite sport to follow?


Auto racing
Some other sport
Not sure


6* How depressed do you feel after your favorite team loses a big game?


7* How happy do you feel after your favorite team wins a big game?


8* If you are a true sports fan, is it possible to date or marry someone who roots for the rival of your favorite team?


9* Which sports story was the biggest surprise in 2012?


The New York Giants winning the Super Bowl
The Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup
The San Francisco Giants winning the World Series

The Miami Heat winning the NBA championship
Notre Dame earning a spot in the BCS College Football championship game
Lance Armstrong being stripped of his Tour de France titles

The Summer Olympics

The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal

Some other story
Not sure


10* How likely is it that there won’t be a National Hockey League season this year?


11* How disappointed would you be if there was no NHL season this year?


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence