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  • One-in-three Consumers Have Positive View of Economy

    Effective March 2, Rasmussen Reports daily economic polling is no longer published on our website. For those interested in continuing to receive this data please call 732.776.9777x205 or send e-mail to beth@rasmussenreports.com.

    The Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures consumer confidence on a daily basis, rose a point on Sunday to 107.1. Consumer confidence is even with a week ago, down five points from a month ago and up three points from three months ago.

    The Rasmussen Investor Index dropped two points on Sunday to 124.4. Investor confidence is down two points from a week ago, but up two points from a month ago and up four points from three months ago.

  • Personal Finance Ratings Up in December

    On the final day of 2011, 36% of American adults rated their own finances as good or excellent. That was most optimistic assessment of the month and highlighted a trend of modestly improving confidence during the final two months of the year.

  • In 2003, Capture of Saddam Hussein Boosted Consumer, Investor Confidence

    More than seven years ago, U.S. troops captured Saddam Hussein at a time when Iraq was the central front in the War on Terror, and Hussein was public enemy number one. That capture led to an immediate increase in consumer and investor confidence.

    On the day before Hussein was captured, the Rasmussen Investor Index was at 135.3. Within two days, the Investor Index gained 12 points to 147.5. Within three weeks, confidence reached the highest level of the post-9/11 era at 150.9. Consumer confidence typically responds to major events a few days later than investors but also jumped following the capture of Hussein and peaked about three weeks later.

    The data shows that the uptick in confidence ended within a few months as other events began to dominate the news.

  • Consumer Confidence Highest Since February 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports Consumer Index for the full month of November shows the highest level of economic confidence in more than two-and-a-half years. The Consumer Index monthly rating of 84.3 is the highest since February 2008 but is still well below the baseline month of October 2001, just after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Month-by-Month Review of Consumer Confidence

    Consumer confidence in January rose for the second straight month and has almost reached the levels enjoyed before the financial industry meltdown in September 2008.

  • Two Economies: Government Workers Optimistic, Private Sector Not

    Government employees are much more bullish about the economy than those who work in the private sector. That’s a big change from the beginning of the year when those on the public payroll were a bit more pessimistic than private sector workers.

  • Consumer, Investor Confidence Lower than Year Ago When Lehman Brothers Collapsed

    Both consumers and investors are less confident about the economy than they were a year ago when the Lehman Brothers financial firm collapsed and Wall Street's woes became front-page news.

  • Partisan Economics: Democrats, GOP See Different Economy

    Over the past year, overall levels of consumer confidence have bounced around a lot but ended up with little change. For the full month June 2008, the Rasmussen Consumer Index was at 71.9. In June, 2009, that number was 72:0.

  • Consumer Confidence Down 24% in Three Months, 50% in Two Years

    Full monthly results for the Rasmussen Consumer Index in December shows that the economic confidence of American consumers has fallen to another all-time low at 59.6.

  • Consumer Confidence Crashes 46% in Last Two Years

    Full monthly results for the Rasmussen Consumer Index in November shows the economic confidence of American consumers has fallen to another all-time low at 64.5.