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Questions - Negative Campaign Ads - September 27-28, 2010

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National Survey of 1,000 Adults
Conducted September 27-28, 2010

By Rasmussen Reports


1* In a typical week how often do you watch television?


2* How closely do you pay attention to political advertisements running on television? (Answered only by those who watch TV at least occasionally)


3* Does most political advertising on TV promote the candidate who is paying for it or does it attack the opposing candidate? (Answered only by those who watch TV at least occasionally)


4*  Is there more negative political advertising this election year than in previous years, less negative political advertising, or is the level of negative advertising about the same? (Answered only by those who watch TV at least occasionally)


5* Is it possible for a candidate to win an election without criticizing his opponent?


6* Is it a negative ad when one candidate accurately describes the position of another candidate?


7* Do negative campaign advertisements make you more or less likely to vote for the candidate who produced the ad?


8* Should political advertising on television be banned?     


9* Does the media report more on negative campaigning or on the issues raised by the candidates?



NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence