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October 31, 2013

24% Say Stock Market Will Be Stronger in a Year

25% Believe in Ghosts

37% Say Zombies Would Do Better Job Than Federal Gov't, 37% Opt for Feds

End the Fed by John Stossel

61% Say Halloween is For Both Adults and Kids

October 30, 2013

25% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

63% Think Kids Should be Allowed to Wear Halloween Costumes, Bring Candy to School

Election 2013: Virginia Governor

Will the Christie Juggernaut Roll over Ted Cruz and Rand Paul? By Joe Conason

43% Think Benghazi Will Hurt Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy in 2016

Dracula Style By Froma Harrop

47% Say It’s Possible For Anyone to Find Work, 42% Disagree

October 29, 2013

41% Say Economy Will Be Weaker in a Year, 33% Say Stronger

64% View Federal Government Unfavorably

42% Identify with Obama Politically, 42% with the Tea Party

33% Say Financial Industry Bailouts Good for U.S.

October 28, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 43%, Republicans 37%

65% Oppose Use of Drones for U.S. Police Work

Listicle: Drive My Car

9% Put Their Pet Ahead of Family and Friends

52% Expect Obamacare to Make Health Care System Worse

October 27, 2013

41% Think Legal System Worries Too Much About Church-State Separation

October 26, 2013

Drive my car?

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

October 25, 2013

11% Have Health Insurance for Their Pets

52% Think Public Schools Need More Religion

44% Favor Gay Marriage, 44% Oppose

In Shutdown Fight, the Dog That Didn't Bark: Taxes By Michael Barone

45% Are Likely to Buy From Consignment Stores

October 24, 2013

66% Think High School Graduates Lack Skills for College or Job

47% Go to Work If They're Sick

51% Favor Delaying Individual Mandate, 34% Oppose

52% Worry Government Won't Do Enough for Economy; 62% Want Cuts

Scandal in Candyland: A Commentary by Froma Harrop

October 23, 2013

17% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

26% Favor Complete Cell Phone Ban Behind the Wheel

64% Think Another Shutdown Likely in Mid-January

Broke U.S. Resumes Spending By John Stossel

36% Think U.S., Allies Winning War on Terror

October 22, 2013

56% Think 16 Is Too Young to Drive

Election 2013: Virginia Governor - McAuliffe (D) 50%, Cuccinelli (R) 33%, Sarvis (L) 8%

5% Think Feds Very Likely to Seal Border if New Immigration Law Passes

Unions Turn on Obamacare, but Don't Call Them Hypocrites - A Commentary by Michael Barone

California Conquers Partisan Chaos - A Commentary by Froma Harrop

32% Still Believe U.S. Society Unfair, Discriminatory

Unions Turn on Obamacare, but Don't Call Them Hypocrites - A Commentary by Michael Barone

October 21, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 43%, Republicans 36%

26% Expect a Cure for Cancer In the Next 10 Years

51% Say Government Shutdown Had Some Personal Impact on Them, 46% Say None

Peterson Study: Tea Party Extremism Cost Millions of Jobs, Risks Millions More By Joe Conason

46% View Obamacare Favorably, 48% Unfavorably

October 20, 2013

51% Say Buying a Home is Best Investment for Families

October 19, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

October 18, 2013

43% Know Someone Who Joined Military To Get A Job

52% Now Say America's Best Days Are in the Past

53% Still Don’t Trust Feds to Keep NSA Surveillance Legal

What if Obamacare Software Crashes and Burns?: A Commentary By Michael Barone

44% Give Obama Positive Marks on Health Care, 47% Poor

October 17, 2013

56% Feel Americans Less Tolerant of Others’ Political Views

59% of Homeowners Feel Their Homes Worth More Now

Voters Don’t See Much Bipartisanship in Washington, D.C.

Fashion Can't Be Tech's New Big Thing By Froma Harrop

77% Think Americans Are Getting Ruder

October 16, 2013

Five-year Low: 13% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Confidence in Future Home Values Reaches New Highs

78% Want To Throw Out Entire Congress and Start Over

Longing to be a Victim: A Commentary by John Stossel

30% Consider Significant Spending Cuts Likely Over Next Few Years

October 15, 2013

53% Think More Competition, Less Regulation Better for U.S. Financial System

53% Think School Bullying A Bigger Problem Than in the Past

The Generations Rock On - A Commentary by Froma Harrop

What to do About America's Low-Skill Workforce - A Commentary By Michael Barone

New Low: 19% Believe U.S. Can Still Win War in Afghanistan

46% Want Democrats to Control Congress, 45% Prefer GOP In Charge

October 14, 2013

Generic Ballot: Democrats 45%, Republicans 38%

58% Think America Should Still Honor Christopher Columbus

47% Think Neither Political Party Represents the American People

54% Have Felt No Impact from Obamacare

October 13, 2013

81% of Adults Trust Their Doctor

October 12, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

October 11, 2013

Risky Business: Corporate Leaders Bemoan Tea Party Default Crisis Created By Their Own Donations By Joe Conason

44% Think Global Warming Due to Human Activity

38% Give Obama Positive Marks for Deficit Reduction

My Country ‘Tis of Thee?

34% Would Rather Win A Nobel Than A Pulitzer, Oscar, Emmy or Grammy

Voters to Politicians: Both Parties are Blundering By Michael Barone

Party of Pain By Froma Harrop

39% View EPA Favorably, 39% Unfavorably

October 10, 2013

45% Think Children of Illegal Immigrants Should Be Able to Attend Public School

68% Say Government Not Tough Enough on Wall Street Crime

53% Want Major Spending Cuts As Part of Debt Ceiling Deal

Shutdown Theater: A Commentary By John Stossel

28% Think Doctors Are Paid Too Much

October 9, 2013

17% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

NJ Governor: Christie (R) 55%, Buono (D) 34%

62% Think U.S. Likely To Default on Debt

Tyler Cowen's Future Shock: No More Average People By Michael Barone

The Grumpy Genius of Marcella Hazan By Froma Harrop

Fewer Report Paying More for Drugs, Delaying Medical Visits to Save Money

October 8, 2013

  43% Favor Waiting Period Before Abortion, 43% Oppose

NJ Senate: Booker (D) 53%, Lonegan (R) 41%

82% of Democrats Say End Shutdown; 71% of GOP Say Keep It Going

48% Say Private Sector Best Way to Keep Health Costs Down, 35% Say Government

October 7, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 40%, Republicans 40%

52% Plan on Getting Flu Shot This Year

68% Oppose Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

45% Approve of Health Care Law, 49% Disapprove

October 6, 2013

9% Have Considered Quitting Their U.S. Citizenship

October 5, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

October 4, 2013 

66% of Workers Consider Themselves Middle Class

70% Give Congress Poor Rating

Drunk and Disorderly: How Republican Extremists Are Shredding Every Principle the GOP Claims to Uphold By Joe Conason

Are Americans well-informed, or do they just think they are?

50% Consider GOP Congressional Agenda Extreme; 46% Say Same of Democrats

49% Say Founding Fathers Would See U.S. Today As a Failure

October 3, 2013

86% Say It’s Important For Economy to Provide All Chance to Succeed

40% Say Working Somewhere Else Offers Better Career Opportunities

26% Think It's Too Easy To Become A U.S. Citizen

What America Needs: Abject Defeat of Budget Games By Froma Harrop

73% Favor Stricter Enforcement of Existing Gun Laws

October 2, 2013

28% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Just 12% Think Most Americans Are Informed Voters

59% Believe Voter ID Laws Do Not Discriminate

President Obama’s Full-Month Approval Rating Up One in September

If Only Obamacare Had Been Passed With Careful Deliberation By Michael Barone

Escaping 'Government' Schools By John Stossel

October 1, 2013

34% Rate Obama Good or Excellent on Gun Control

Rasmussen Employment Index Falls to 2013 Low

57% Support Building Keystone Pipeline

The Sports Cable Rip-off: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

41% Look at U.S. Political News First, 30% Go Local


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