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Most Recent Articles: June 2014

June 30, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 40%, Republicans 38%

Colorado Senate: Udall (D) 43%, Gardner (R) 42% 

71% Think IRS Likely to Have Destroyed E-mails to Hide Guilt

Voters Still Strongly Favor Consumer Choice When It Comes to Health Insurance

June 29, 2014

59% Think Summer Camp Important for Young People

June 28, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 27, 2014

69% Think U.S. Public Schools Don’t Provide A World-Class Education

50% Favor a Government College Rating System

Mississippi Senate: Cochran (R) 48%, Childers (D) 31%

Liberals Champion Freedom of Speech -- Except in Politics By Michael Barone

Voters Blame Bush, Obama Equally for Current Problems in Iraq

June 26, 2014

33% Say Government Should Forgive Student Loans After A Certain Period of Time

Just 40% Approve of Presidential Primary Process

What America Thinks: Seal the Border

Common Core Support Among Those with School-Age Kids Plummets

44% Still Think Benghazi Will Hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016

The Right's Mistake Was Waking the Others by Froma Harrop

Republicans: “Thank God for Mississippi!” By Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley

June 25, 2014

27% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

54% Say There’s Too Much Emphasis on Standardized Testing in Schools

New Low: Only 25% Think Their Member of Congress Deserves Reelection

Omission Control: A Commentary By John Stossel

56% Think Oil Companies Will Use Iraq Crisis As Excuse to Raise Gas Prices

June 24, 2014

26% Rate Supreme Court’s Performance Positively

Election 2014: Nevada Governor: Sandoval (R) 55%, Goodman (D) 28%

56% Oppose Moving Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Trial Out of Boston

Hispanics Sour on Obama as Young Illegals Surge Across Border: A Commentary by Michael Barone

Should Amazon Just Take Over? A Commentary by Froma Harrop

60% Don’t Think Washington Redskins Should Change Their Name

June 23, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 40%, Republicans 38%

53% Expect Higher Interest Rates in a Year

Paul, Carson Are Now Hillary’s Closest GOP Challengers

Benghazi: What New Details Reveal About 'Scandal' -- and Its Promoters By Joe Conason

35% Rate Health Care System Poor; 51% Expect it To Get Worse

June 22, 2014

Most Still Think Soccer Has A Long Way To Go in U.S.

June 21, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 20, 2014

50% Say Tax Increases Hurt The Economy

51% in New Jersey Approve of Christie’s Performance

64% Favor Death Penalty for Benghazi Killings Suspect

Are the Two Political Parties About to Crack Up? A Commentary By Michael Barone

New High: 44% Say It's A Good Time to Sell A House

June 19, 2014

74% Expect Higher Grocery Bills Next Year

New Jersey Senate: Booker (D) 48%, Bell (R) 35% 

Use Your Hands: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

39% Will Watch World Cup This Year

Picking Your Primary Poison By Sean Trende

21% Think Government Should Help With Mortgage Payments

June 18, 2014

26% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

What America Thinks About Sending Soldiers Back to Iraq

39% Think U.S. Should Welcome All Immigrants Who Are Willing to Work Hard

Here Comes Tomorrow: A Commentary By John Stossel

55% Expect Government Spending to Go Up Under Obama

June 17, 2014

52% Still Trust America's Banks

39% Expect Their Home’s Value to Go Up in Next Year

New High: 67% Think U.S. Economy Unfair to Middle Class

31% Favor Increasing Legal Immigration If Border Is Secured

Obama Follows Polls in Foreign Policy but Public Turns Against Him By Michael Barone

So Mixed Up on Immigration By Froma Harrop

June 16, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 39%, Republicans 37%

Voters List Economy, Health Care, Spending As Top Issues

46% Favor U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq to Fight al Qaeda

As Iraq Implodes, Hawks Still Have No Plan -- Except 'Blame Obama' By Joe Conason

48% Think Quality of Care Will Suffer Under Obamacare

June 15, 2014

68% Consider Fatherhood A Man’s Most Important Role

June 14, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week's Key Polls

June 13, 2014

Most Think School Children Should Honor the Flag Every Day

Virginia Senate: Warner (D) 53%, Gillespie (R) 36%

63% View Quick Fixes to Obamacare Unlikely

65% Would Rather Be Called A Good Citizen Than A Patriot

June 12, 2014

29% Favor Ban on Hate Speech

Montana Senate: Daines (R) 53%, Walsh (D) 35%

Opposition to Bergdahl POW Swap Rises to 54%

78% Want to Keep ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ As National Anthem

What Lurks in a Child's Online World? By Froma Harrop

Microscope on Magnolias By Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley

June 11, 2014

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Alabama Governor: Bentley (R) 55%, Griffith (D) 32%

61% Think America is Too Politically Correct

Libertarians Versus Conservatives By John Stossel

37% of GOP Voters Say Tea Party Will Hurt Their Party in 2014 Elections

June 10, 2014

48% Expect to Earn More Money Next Year

California Governor: Brown (D) 52%, Kashkari (R) 33%

Most Like New EPA Emissions Controls But Say Congress Needs to OK First

85% Express Major Privacy Concerns About Google Glass

Uber Is the Future By Froma Harrop

June 9, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 37%

39% Would Take a Commercial Space Flight

South Dakota Senate: Rounds (R) 44%, Weiland (D) 29%, Pressler (I) 18%

 In Bergdahl Case, 'Conservatives' Ignore Basic American Principles By Joe Conason

50% Say Health Care Law Has Not Impacted Them

June 8, 2014

South Dakota Governor: Daugaard (R) 55%, Wismer (D) 35%

June 7, 2014

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

June 6, 2014

56% Want Federal Spending Cuts Across the Board

Iowa Governor: Branstad (R) 49%, Hatch (D) 40%

What America Thinks About Negotiating with Terrorists

Iowa Senate Ernst (R) 45%, Braley (D) 44%

21% Think EPA Actions Help the Economy

Veterans Affairs Scandal Further Discredits Obama's Big Government Policies By Michael Barone

June 5, 2014

45% Think Media Coverage Encourages Copycat Killers

42% Think Their Next Job Will Be Better

42% Think Snowden Is A Spy

Mcdaniel’s ‘Friends and Neighbors’: A Commentary By Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley

Not Much to Lose in Move From Coal: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Fewer Americans Will Cut Their Summer Vacation Spending

June 4, 2014

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Idaho Governor: Otter (R) 50%, Balukoff (D) 36% 

40% Approve of POW/Taliban Prisoner Swap, 43% Oppose

Popular Nonsense: A Commentary by John Stossel

Boehner, Pelosi Are Still Most Unpopular Congressional Leaders

June 3, 2014

Most Voters Still Agree School Food Standards Are Not A Federal Issue

Rasmussen Employment Index Hits Six-Year High in May

Massachusetts, Not VA, Is Obamacare's Future By Froma Harrop

52% Think More Help for the Mentally Ill Will Help Deter Mass Killings

Democrats' Nightmare Scenario for 2016 by Michael Barone

Idaho Senate: Risch (R) 54%, Mitchell (D) 29%

June 2, 2014

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 38%

Obama’s Full-Month Approval Up Two Points in May

48% Support Keeping Some U.S. Troops in Afghanistan, 44% Oppose

51% Oppose Obamacare Mandate That All Must Be Insured

June 1, 2014

Pennsylvania Governor: Wolf (D) 51%, Corbett (R) 31%


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