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Most Recent Articles: July 2013

July 31, 2013

26% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Republicans Still Trusted More on Economy

61% Favor Raising Minimum Wage to $10.10 An Hour

11% Still Think Snowden A Hero, 32% A Traitor

Are We Rome Yet? By Joe Conason

July 30, 2013

56% Say More Competition, Less Regulation Better For Financial System

Both GOP and Democrats Have Party Problems By Michael Barone

Rasmussen Employment Index Falls to 2013 Low

46% Favor More Restrictions on NSA Surveillance Program

America's Wilderness Gets Crowded By Froma Harrop

Men Are Still Chief Breadwinners in Most Relationships

July 29, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 39%, Republicans 38%

55% Think Some States May Be Declaring Bankruptcy Soon

33% Still Favor Life in Prison for WikiLeaks Leaker Bradley Manning

75% Favor Buying Health Insurance Across State Lines

July 28, 2013

37% Consider Now a Good Time To Sell Home Locally, 40% Disagree

July 27, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

July 26, 2013

55% Say Their Home Value Worth More Than What They Still Owe

19% Support Florida Boycott Over Zimmerman Verdict

Obama Economy Emphasis Is all Talk by Michael Barone

57% Are Less Likely To Vote for A Candidate Caught in a Sex Scandal

Cheap Labor Is Nobody's Right by Froma Harrop

49% Think Obama Too Hostile Toward Small Business

July 25, 2013

New Low: 12% Think Their Home Will Be Worth Less in a Year

55% See Marriage As Very Important To Society

25% Favor Federal Bailouts for Ailing Cities Like Detroit

If Republicans Love Competition, Why Do They Still Hate Obamacare? By Joe Conason

17% Say U.S. Public Schools Provide World-Class Education

July 24, 2013

26% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

33% Rate Obama Administration’s Response to Zimmerman Verdict As Good or Excellent

52% Think Zimmerman Jury Would Have Found Black Shooter Not Guilty, Too

Stalled Motor City By John Stossel

Straying Politicians' Five Shades of Gray By Froma Harrop

62% Think Government Should Cut Spending to Help Economy

July 23, 2013

33% Say Media Should Withhold Names, Pictures of Violent Criminals

Half of NYC Voters Don’t Like Weiner, Spitzer

44% Rate Obama Administration’s IRS Response As Poor

The Second American Revolution Has Begun: A Commentary By Mark Meckler

A Woman in Full: Thatcher Gets Her Due in New Biography: A Commentary By Michael Barone

46% Say U.S. Justice System Fair to Blacks, Hispanics

July 22, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 40%, Republicans 38%

71% View Rolling Stone's Terrorist Cover Photo As A Publicity Stunt

45% Favor Stand Your Ground Laws, 32% Oppose

61% Expect Health Care in U.S. To Get Worse Over Next Two Years

July 21, 2013

38% Think Government Is Best Bet for Alternative Energy Development

July 20, 2013

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week's Polls

July 19, 2013

44% Rate Obama’s Handling of Health Care Positively

39% Say U.S. Safer Today Than Before 9/11, 36% Disagree

32% Have Favorable Opinion of Zimmerman, 48% Unfavorable

Confronting America's Racial Divide by Scott Rasmussen

A Better System for Picking Presidential Candidates by Michael Barone

July 18, 2013

32% Say American Society is Unfair and Discriminatory

75% Prefer Traditional Book to Electronic Reading Device

44% Favor Ban on Abortion After 20 Weeks, 41% Oppose

Not Listening: What Republicans Could Learn From George W. Bush By Joe Conason

It’s Time for Another Constitutional Convention By Mark Meckler

21% Think Justice Department Should Charge Zimmerman With a Hate Crime

July 17, 2013

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

59% Favor Government Subsidies to Keep Student Loan Costs Down

36% Think America’s Best Days Are in the Future

Strangling Life By John Stossel

48% Agree with Zimmerman Verdict, 34% Disagree

Curse of the Full-Time Job By Froma Harrop

43% Blame Spike in Food Stamp Recipients on Easier Government Rules

July 16, 2013

56% Say Gov Investing in Alternative Energy May End Foreign Oil Dependence

53% Believe Availability of Student Loans Has Driven Up College Tuitions

Obama Finds Foreign Affairs Do Not Bend to His Whims: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Voters Like Coal Industry More Than the EPA

60% Put Checks and Balances Ahead of Government Efficiency

July 15, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 39%, Democrats 38%

53% Believe Boston Bombing Suspect May Receive Death Penalty

44% Favor Ending Senate Filibuster, 38% Oppose

45% View Health Care Law Favorably, 50% Unfavorable

8% Think Applicant’s Word Is Enough When Seeking Federal Health Insurance Subsidies

July 14, 2013

Obama’s Positives On Leadership Continue To Fall

July 13, 2013

56% Rarely or Never Eat Fast Food

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

July 12, 2013

40% Rate Obama Poorly on National Security

85% Think Christian Photographer Has Right to Turn Down Same-Sex Wedding Job

56% Favor Delaying Individual Health Care Mandate, 26% Opposed

Obama Forfeits Trust by Not Enforcing Obamacare By Michael Barone

Americans Want to Exercise Their Rights -- Reasonably By Scott Rasmussen

July 11, 2013

58% Eat At A Restaurant At Least Once A Week

Americans Think Bar Owners, Landlords Should Be Able to Pick Their Customers

63% View U.S. Economy As Unfair to the Middle Class

40% Think Routine Blood Testing Via Internet or Apps Likely in Next 10 Years

Health Reform Will Happen, and None Too Soon By Froma Harrop

July 10, 2013

27% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

81% Visit Doctor Once a Year or More

Meddling Overseas By John Stossel

39% Favor Reform Plan That Cuts Future Illegal Immigration by Just 50%

U.S. Right to 'Lead From Behind' on Egypt By Froma Harrop

50% Give Obama Poor Marks on Deficit Reduction

July 9, 2013

32% Are Conservative on Both Fiscal, Social Issues

46% Are Pro-Choice, 43% Pro-Life

Most Americans Think Campus Groups Can Set Requirements For Their Officers

25% of Obama Supporters Think Government Should Closely Watch Most Tea Party Groups

With Dems on Defensive, GOP Has Chance to Recapture Senate: A Commentary By Michael Barone

Most Voters Still Favor Employer Sanctions, Routine Police Checks to Fight Illegal Immigration

July 8, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 40%, Democrats 39%

54% Think It's Possible for Anyone to Find A Job

64% Think It’s Possible For Americans to Have Honest Discussion About Race

73% Oppose U.S. Involvement in Egypt

62% See Free Market As Better Than More Regulation In Reducing Health Care Costs

July 7, 2013

33% Expect Stronger Economy A Year From Now, 41% Weaker

July 6, 2013

13% Say Federal Government Should Hire Long-Term Unemployed

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

July 5, 2013

71% Say Private Sector Employees Work Harder Than Government Employees

7% Think Congress Doing Good or Excellent Job

52% Think It’s Good NSA Domestic Spying Was Exposed, 23% Disagree

Moral Hazard and Nature: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

Americans Still Embrace the Spirit of '76: A Commentary By Scott Rasmussen

With Its Roots in the Nuclear Family, the Nation Evolves Into America 3.0: A Commentary by Michael Barone

July 4, 2013

61% Say Independence Day One Of Nation’s Most Important Holidays

82% Know What Independence Day Celebrates

For July 4th: Remembering Why the Right Doesn't Own the Stars and Stripes by Joe Conason

July 3, 2013

30% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction

More Americans View Blacks As Racist Than Whites, Hispanics

Americans See George Washington As Greatest Founding Father

63% View Too-Powerful Government As Bigger Threat Than Weaker One

66% Know Someone Out of Work and Looking For Employment

The Snowden Paradox By Mark Meckler

I Shrugged By John Stossel

July 2, 2013

Just 26% Give U.S. Public Schools Positive Marks

56% Think Constitution Should Be Left Alone

Rasmussen Employment Index Remains Near Recent High

Investigate Issa! Or How to Apply the Chairman's Own Methods and Style to Him:A Commentary by Joe Conason

In U.K. but Not U.S., Young Voters Turn Against Big Government: A Commentary By Michael Barone

For Voters, NSA Case is Less of A Scandal but More of A Problem

51% Think All EPA Regulations Need Congressional Approval

July 1, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 39%, Democrats 38%

25% Say High School Graduates Prepared For College

President Obama’s Full-Month Approval Rating Slips to 47% in June

Public Approval of Supreme Court Falls to All-Time Low

48% Now Want Their Governor To Oppose Health Care Law


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