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April 30, 2013

31% Think U.S. Economy Will Be Stronger A Year From Now

56% Think Government Agencies Cut Popular Programs First

Rasmussen Employment Index Hits 2013 High

32% Think Obama Administration Has Done Good or Excellent Job Explaining Benghazi

Legal Pot Means More Money for States, Less for Gangs By Froma Harrop

2% Favor Congress Exempting Itself From Health Care Law

April 29, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 40%, Democrats 39%

38% Give Obama Positive Marks for Job Creation

25% Think Most College Professors Share Values of U.S. Society

Only 16% Know Anyone Affected by Sequester Flight Delays

Benghazi Report Revives Troubling Questions By Michael Barone

35% Say Health Care Law Has Hurt Them; 19% Say It’s Helped

April 28, 2013

24% Feel Legal System Puts Public Safety Ahead of Individual Rights

April 27, 2013

59% Say College Is Primarily For Gaining Job Skills

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

April 26, 2013

30% View U.N. As U.S. Ally

18% Think Most Colleges and Universities Promote U.S. Social Values

23% Think Surveillance Cameras Have Violated Their Privacy

Free the 'Work Beasts' By Froma Harrop

Americans Seem to Be Taking Terrorism in Stride By Scott Rasmussen

April 25, 2013

63% Say American Society is Generally Fair and Decent

37% Think U.S., Allies Winning War on Terror

61% Favor Death Penalty for Boston Bombing Suspect If Convicted

30% Say Now's a Good Time To Sell A House

As Bush Stays Silent, His Reputation Steadily Gains By Michael Barone

The Newsmaker Memo: An Interview With Pioneering Climate Scientist James Hansen By Joe Conason

April 24, 2013

30% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Economy Still Tops in Importance to Voters

70% Favor Use of Surveillance Cameras in Public Places

56% Think Bank Bailouts Were Bad for the U.S.

The Education Blob's Revenge By John Stossel

April 23, 2013

45% Give Obama Good or Excellent Marks on Gun Control

58% of Homeowners Say Home is Worth More Now

73% Favor Labels for Genetically Modified Food

87% Give Positive Marks to Law Enforcement Response to Boston Bombings

35% Say America’s Best Days Are in the Future

The Bombers and Who Gets In: A Commentary By Froma Harrop

April 22, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 39%

37% Think Their Home’s Value Will Go Up In Next Year

41% Say Earth Day Has Helped Raise Environmental Awareness

49% Favor Stricter Gun Control Laws

At Every Turn, Things Were Spinning out of Control By Michael Barone

39% Are Aware If Their State Is Creating A Health Insurance Exchange

April 21, 2013

33% Give Obama Positive Marks for Social Security

April 20, 2013

42% Rate Race Relations in U.S. as Good or Excellent

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

April 19, 2013

37% Rate Obama's Handling of Economy As Good or Excellent

53% Say Pro Sports Have Helped Race Relations in U.S.

Only 11% Think U.S. Can Ever Be Totally Safe from Terrorism

GOP Needs to Get Over the Makers vs. Takers Mindset By Scott Rasmussen

Trumped-up War Between the Generations By Froma Harrop

Soft on Crime: Protecting the 'Second Amendment Rights' of Thugs and Terrorists By Joe Conason

April 18, 2013

81% Are Paying More For Groceries

23% Want to Close Guantanamo Prison for Terrorists

59% View Jackie Robinson Favorably

Not Such a Hot Idea: Liberal and Conservative Parties By Michael Barone

16 For 16, Part 2: An Elephant Rises From The Heartland? By Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik and Geoffrey Skelley

71% Think Pop Culture Encourages Sexual Activity Among the Young

April 17, 2013

31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

67% See President Obama as Liberal

A Post-Post Office World: A Commentary By John Stossel

51% Favor Imprisoning Terrorist Suspects Even Without Evidence to Convict

47% Predict Higher Interest Rates Next Year

April 16, 2013

37% Say Most U.S. Workers Are Dishonest To Get Ahead

39% Give Obama Good or Excellent Marks for Deficit Reduction

43% Are Confident in Stability of U.S. Banking System

54% Are Very Angry at Congress

57% Oppose Over-the-Counter Sales of Morning-After Pill to Youngsters

Housing Hot, Again? By Froma Harrop

April 15, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 42%, Republicans 38%

15% Expect Obama, Congress To Really Cut Spending

41% Feel IRS Is Not Aggressive Enough

86% Intend to Hit Today's Tax Deadline

Extra Care Required in Crafting Immigration Reform By Michael Barone

72% Favor Individual Choice When It Comes to How Much Health Insurance Coverage

April 14, 2013

19% Believe the Era of Big Government Is Over

April 13, 2013

71% View College Admissions for Good Athletes Over Better Students as Unfair

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

April 12, 2013

5% Think It’s Better for America If All Presidents Are Ivy League Grads

25% Know Someone Who Has Been Murdered

Sanctions on Employers, Sanctuary Cities Seen As Most Effective Ways to Stop Illegal Immigration

Gun Debate Highlights Voter Distrust of Government By Scott Rasmussen

An Immigration Fix for Real By Froma Harrop

April 11, 2013

23% Believe It Is Too Hard to Get An Abortion in America

34% Say U.S. Has Crony Capitalist Economic System

63% Think No New Taxes Are Needed

Americans Think Making Contacts Just As Important As Education in Elite Schools

Her Tea Party: What Margaret Thatcher Really Meant to England and the World By Joe Conason

Thatcher Insisted on Facing Hard, Uncomfortable Truths By Michael Barone

April 10, 2013

34% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

29% Say U.S. Does Not Spend Enough on National Security

40% Believe Law Enforcement Can Dramatically Reduce Gang Violence

68% View Margaret Thatcher Favorably

14% Are Fiscal Liberals, 34% Liberal on Social Issues

Government Plays Favorites: A Commentary By John Stossel

April 9, 2013

57% Think U.S. Should Continue Building a Fence Along Mexican Border

Most Want Businesses to Offer More Jobs to Those Without Degrees

37% Give Obama Positive Marks on Taxes

13% Expect Reduced Spending Under New Obama Budget

8% Think Congress Is Doing A Good or Excellent Job

April 8, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 41%, Republicans 38%

54% Think It's Not Possible to Work Hard and Get Rich in America

45% Oppose Tax Deductions for Some College Donors

69% Favor Use of U.S. Military on Border to Keep Mexican Drug Violence Out

61% View North Korean Nuclear Attack on U.S. As Unlikely

April 7, 2013

11% See Those Who Want To Secure Border As Racist

55% Think Most Rich People Earned Their Money Through Hard Work

April 6, 2013

50% Say Doing Taxes Worse Than Going to the Dentist

What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

April 5, 2013

Just 19% Think Stock Market Will Be Higher in a Year

30% Think It’s Fair For Colleges To Give Admissions Preference to Donors' Children

44% See Conflict Between Economic Growth and Fairness

Long Before Hillary Decides for 2016, Scandal Trolls Are Coming Back By Joe Conason

To Fight Inequality, It's Time to End the College Admissions Scam By Scott Rasmussen

April 4, 2013

48% Government More Concerned With Making Wall Street Firms Profitable

23% Think Elite Colleges and Universities Accept Only the Most Qualified

Just 36% Expect Stronger Economy in Five Years

Just 26% Support Immigration Plan Without Tougher Border Control

Stop Asking, 'How Did You Like ...' By Froma Harrop

44% Think Government Effort to Confiscate All Guns Likely

April 3, 2013

35% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Just 9% Say U.S. Has World’s Best Tax System

59% Say Another 2008 Financial Meltdown Likely

55% See Major Cyberattack on U.S. As Act of War

Green Tyranny: A Commentary By John Stossel

41% Think Government Should Keep A List of All Gun Owners

April 2, 2013

42% Think Federal Government Should Set Environmental Policy

61% Say Finding New Energy More Important Than Fighting Global Warming

Rasmussen Employment Index Slips a Point in March

51% Think Background Checks for Gun Buyers Will Not Reduce Violent Crime

46% Think Feds Might Try To Tax Bank Accounts Like Cyprus

Do Groups Really Foster Creativity? By Froma Harrop

April 1, 2013

Generic Congressional Ballot: Democrats 44%, Republicans 37%

61% Have Filed Their Income Taxes

Obama’s Monthly Approval Down Another Point in March

78% Say They Get Good or Excellent Health Care

66% Oppose Cyprus Bailout Plan to Tax Bank Deposits

Why Freight Rail Pays and Passenger Trains Flunk By Michael Barone


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