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  • New Year, New You?

    The ball has dropped in Times Square; the Christmas decorations are coming down, and it's time for New Year's resolutions. So what does America think about that time-honored tradition?

  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Christmas is less than a week away, and Rasmussen Reports has surveyed many Americans about how they celebrate, from shopping to worshipping.

  • Is Violent Media Part of the Problem?

    Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and while mental health issues and gun control have gotten much of the attention since then, there is some support for limiting access to violent video games and movies.

  • Military Women in Combat: What Do Voters Think?

    Earlier this year, the Pentagon announced it will open up military combat roles to women by 2016, but there are still strongly differing opinions when it comes to what America thinks about women in the military and their increased fighting role.

  • Black Friday/White Christmas

    There's just one week to go before the biggest sales event of the year, Black Friday, but nearly one-out-of 10 Americans is already finished with their holiday shopping. For the rest of you, just tell yourselves there's still plenty of time of left.

  • What America Drinks

    Two-out-of-three Americans consider themselves regular alcohol drinkers. They're almost evenly divided between those who drink for social reasons and those who drink because they enjoy it.

    But there's a few surprises in what America thinks about drinking:

  • Americans Stub Out Smoking

    As the crackdown on tobacco smoking continues, nearly nine-out-of-10 Americans now say they’ve either quit the habit or have never smoked at all.

    Here's what America thinks about smoking these days:

  • The Walking 'Fed': Zombies vs. The Government

    Zombies are everywhere. No, not literally, that would be frightening. The living dead are the stuff of highly rated television programs, blockbuster movies, best-selling books and even insurance commercials.
     So, we wondered, just how obsessed are  people with zombies? Do they believe there will actually be a zombie apocalypse? Could zombies run the government? Here are some facts you might have missed about what America thinks about zombies:

  • Drive my car?

    America has a driving culture, and one of the key milestones of growing up for many is being able to go solo behind the wheel.

    But when we asked what America thinks about driving, we discovered some interesting things:

  • Who Worries Most about School Bullying?

    Bullying – whether physical or in cyberspace – is the subject of more and more headlines and the growing target of legislation across the nation.

    Most Americans agree bullying among school-age children is a serious problem, but here are several things you may not know about what America thinks about this problem.

    Click through the slide show to see the findings that you may have missed.