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  • What America Thinks: The 2014 U.S. Senate Races … So Far

    Thirty-six U.S. Senate seats are up for grabs this November. Twenty-one are held by Democrats and 15 by Republicans. Democrats now have a 53-to-45 majority over Republicans in the Senate, so the GOP needs to pick up six new seats to take control of the chamber. Rasmussen Reports began polling key Senate races in mid-January and will be returning to these races in the months ahead because a lot can change. But this is what America thinks so far.

  • What America Thinks: Parental Control

    The New Jersey teen who sued her parents for financial support after refusing to live by their rules has caused re-examination of some age-old standards. What do Americans think about the relationship between parents and their children under 18?

  • Is America Watching What It’s Eating?

    The federal Food and Drug Administration has proposed changes to existing food nutrition labels to make them more consumer friendly. Just 12% of Americans now say they rarely or never look at these labels. So what does America think about the nutritional information they're given and the food they eat?

  • What America Thinks: Is Raising the Minimum Wage A Blessing or A Curse?

    To raise or not to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour, that's the question. But it's not quite that simple following a new government report that says an increase in the minimum wage would move 900,000 people above the poverty line but also would cost half a million people their jobs. What does America think?

  • Gun Owners, Non-Owners - Two Americas?

    When it comes to gun-related issues not surprisingly, our surveys have found that there's often a world of difference between those with a gun in their household and those who don't have a gun around. So what do these two Americas think about these hot-button issues? 

  • Valentine’s Day: Are Americans Feeling the Love?

    Some call it the most romantic day of the year. Some call it a Hallmark Holiday.  Either way, February 14th is here and we look at what America thinks about what people think about "V-Day" and what they are planning for their loved ones.

  • What America Thinks: 2014 Winter Olympics

    The 2014 Winter Olympics have begun in Sochi, Russia. What do Americans think of the international competition, and how closely are they paying attention to it?

  • Super Sunday

    Sixty-two percent (62%) of American Adults plan on watching Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday featuring the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. Here’s a deeper look at what America thinks about the winners, the halftime show, where they’ll be watching the game and if they’ll be making any bets this Sunday.

  • Problems for Christie on Road to White House?

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, often mentioned as a 2016 White House front-runner, is fighting allegations that his office deliberately caused several days of major traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge into New York City as retaliation against an elected official who refused to support his reelection. What does America think of the controversy that some are already dubbing "Bridgegate"?

  • What America Thinks of the Job Market

    As the new year begins, what does America think about the state of the job market?