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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Rasmussen Minute: Obama's Spygate

President Trump continues his crusade against the "deep state" amid new allegations that U.S. intelligence agencies planted a spy within his campaign during the 2016 presidential election, sparking questions of whether former President Obama would have been aware of such a highly sensitive operation.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper denies a spy was ever put the Trump campaign, referring to the human intelligence gatherer as an "informant" instead, and says he's sure Obama had no knowledge whatsoever of any such plans.

It's not the first time Obama's administration has been embroiled in a spy scandal; it was accused of spying on world leaders and U.S. journalists alike as far back as 2013. Join the Rasmussen Minute as we open the door to the newest episode of "Spygate"