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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Rasmussen Minute: All The President's Memes

President Trump ripped the roof off Twitter last week when he tweeted a meme of a WrestleMania video of him body slamming a CNN logo that had been superimposed over WWE CEO Vince McMahon's head.

The tweet triggered those on all sides of the political spectrum, drawing immediate condemnation from establishment Republicans, resistant Democrats and media personalities alike while apparently delighting Trump's supporters and garnering over 600,000 likes.

In response to the tweet, CNN tracked down the original unflattering meme to a Reddit user's account and leveraged an apology from the unknown creator in return for the news outlet agreeing to not divulge his identity. That action set the entire internet on fire, sent #CNNBlackmail trending and gave birth to an army of anti-CNN, pro-Trump memes, which are the subject of this week's Rasmussen Minute.