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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Rasmussen Minute: Wiretapping Run Wild

President Trump's shocking claim that his Democratic predecessor, President Obama, had the "wires tapped" at Trump Tower during the heated presidential election has once again raised questions about the secret - and potentially illegal political - operations of U.S. intelligence agencies.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, an Obama appointee, has said no such wiretapping took place but qualified that by saying it was “to the best of his knowledge.” This is also the same Mr. Clapper who in 2013 famously testified under oath that the National Security Agency did not collect any type of data on millions of innocent Americans, only to have whistleblower Edward Snowden leak classified NSA documents months later that showed Mr. Clapper wasn’t telling the truth.

While investigations are underway to find out if Republican candidate Trump, a private U.S. citizen at the time, was indeed secretly surveilled, the trail of those who claim they have been tapped by the government grows.

In this week's Rasmussen Minute, we drop in on Mr. Clapper and the likes of former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz and reporters James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson who all say they too were secretly - and perhaps illegally - under the watchful eye of Big Brother.