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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What America Thinks: Water, Water Everywhere?

With California experiencing an historic drought and imposing major water restrictions, Americans naturally are thinking more about their own water supply. Is it safe? We decided to find out what America thinks.

Nearly three-quarters of voters rate the quality of drinking water in their area as good or excellent, and nearly all Americans think their water supply is dependable. Only about half, though, think their state or locality does enough to protect and preserve that supply.

A third of Americans say they have personally experienced water shortages where they live that affected how much water they could use. Just as many keep some water stored away in the event their water supply is cut off for some reason.

As an ongoing four-year drought continues in California, Governor Jerry Brown has ordered a mandatory 25% reduction in water use. One potential problem arises, though: While 61% of Americans favor government regulation of personal water use like this in a drought situation, just half as many actually trust the government to fairly ration water in a crisis.

For Rasmussen Reports, I’m Alex Boyer. Remember, if it’s in the news, it’s in our polls.