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  • Trump Voters' Message: We Exist by Ted Rall

    I think it was over Thanksgiving dinner. My mother's best friend, a dear woman who has been nothing but good to me, decided to poke some gentle fun, Dayton Ohio-style, at me.

  • Despite Everything, I Am Happy She Lost By Ted Rall

    His fans hoped he was another Ronald Reagan. His critics thought he was Hitler. Who would have guessed that, 100 days into a presidency, few besides me saw coming, Donald Trump would look like Jesse Ventura? 

  • What A Real Passenger Bill Of Rights Should Look Like by Ted Rall

    The violent ejection of a United Airlines passenger from a flight bound from Chicago to Louisville appears to have marked a long-awaited turning point. Dr. David Dao, 69, suffered a broken nose, lost two teeth and faces reconstructive sinus surgery. At last, America's long-suffering flying public is crying as one; have you commercial airlines no shame?

  • Why is Trump So Hated? It's The Tribalism by Ted Rall

    This one is in post-9/11 cadence: why do liberals hate Trump so much?

  • Five Things Democrats Could Do To Save Their Party (But Probably Won't) By Ted Rall

    Coupla weeks ago, I speculated that we may soon witness the end of the Democratic Party as we know it. I was kind. I didn't mention the fact that the party is all out of national leaders. I mean, can you name a likely, viable Democratic candidate for president in 2020? Can you name three?

  • The Splitting Up Of The Democratic Party by Ted Rall

    Before the election, some pundits were predicting that a Trump defeat would cause the Republican Party to split into at least two discrete new parties -- one representing the old GOP's business establishment, the other for the populist firebrands of the Tea Party. As the fight over gutting Obamacare reveals, those factions are in an uncomfortable marriage. But a full-fledged rupture doesn't appear imminent.

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? By Ted Rall

    The Clash asked once, and now I am too: Should I stay or should I go?   

  • The Case for Left Nationalism By Ted Rall

    Make America Great Again. Trump's campaign slogan was a direct appeal to nationalism. As a son of the Rust Belt city of Dayton, Ohio, I wasn't surprised to see that it worked.

  • The Women's March was a Dismal Failure and a Hopeful Sign By Ted Rall

    On Saturday, January 21, three times as many people attended a demonstration against Trump as showed up the day before for his inauguration. Solidarity marches across the nation drew hundreds of thousands, perhaps more.       

  • Please Stop the Fear and Loathing of 2017 By Ted Rall

    I admit it: it's hard to find empathy for the liberal Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton and are now shocked, shocked, shocked that that horrible man Donald Trump is about to become president. We lefties kept saying that Bernie would have beaten Trump; now that we've been proven right it's only natural to want to keep rubbing the Hillarites' faces in their abject wrongness.