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  • The Splitting Up Of The Democratic Party by Ted Rall

    Before the election, some pundits were predicting that a Trump defeat would cause the Republican Party to split into at least two discrete new parties -- one representing the old GOP's business establishment, the other for the populist firebrands of the Tea Party. As the fight over gutting Obamacare reveals, those factions are in an uncomfortable marriage. But a full-fledged rupture doesn't appear imminent.

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? By Ted Rall

    The Clash asked once, and now I am too: Should I stay or should I go?   

  • The Case for Left Nationalism By Ted Rall

    Make America Great Again. Trump's campaign slogan was a direct appeal to nationalism. As a son of the Rust Belt city of Dayton, Ohio, I wasn't surprised to see that it worked.

  • The Women's March was a Dismal Failure and a Hopeful Sign By Ted Rall

    On Saturday, January 21, three times as many people attended a demonstration against Trump as showed up the day before for his inauguration. Solidarity marches across the nation drew hundreds of thousands, perhaps more.       

  • Please Stop the Fear and Loathing of 2017 By Ted Rall

    I admit it: it's hard to find empathy for the liberal Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton and are now shocked, shocked, shocked that that horrible man Donald Trump is about to become president. We lefties kept saying that Bernie would have beaten Trump; now that we've been proven right it's only natural to want to keep rubbing the Hillarites' faces in their abject wrongness.

  • Why Democrats Will Not Lift a Finger to Fight Trump By Ted Rall

    "There's no savior out there." That's a line from "Lord's Prayer," a song written by TV Smith for the Lords of the Church, a band that trafficked in 1980s melodic punk. Here's some more: 

  • Russia Hacking: Where's the Evidence? by Ted Rall

    At the smallest, worst newspaper in the world -- even at a high school paper -- no sane editor would publish a story that wasn't backed by solid evidence. As the 20th century print journalism cliche goes, if your mother says she loves you, check it out. So why are the nation's most prestigious multi-Pulitzer-winning newsgathering organizations repeatedly claiming that hackers working for the Russian government stole emails belonging to the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, and gave them to WikiLeaks?

  • The Democratic Party's Last Chance By Ted Rall

    Democrats need to stop grasping at straws.

    Shocked by Trump's win and dismayed at his half billionaire, half military junta cabinet, liberals are thrashing about in the stinking waters of dying American democracy, hoping against hope for something -- anything -- to stop Trump from becoming president.

  • Thanks to Trump, No More Ameri-Splaining By Ted Rall

    "A shining city on a hill," Ronald Reagan called America (by way of the Puritan authoritarian John Winthrop). "We are great because we are good," Hillary Clinton said during the campaign (via Tocqueville). Michelle Obama, earlier this year: "This right now is the greatest country on Earth."

  • Clinton Lost. Should We Care? by Ted Rall

    If Jill Stein and die-hard Democrats get their way, recounts in three key states will take the presidency away from Donald Trump and hand it to Hillary Clinton. While this effort is probably doomed to failure, the attempted do-over prompts a question: what exactly are we losing with this mother of all paths not taken, a Hillary Clinton administration?