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  • The Media Never Gives Peace A Chance By Ted Rall

    At this writing, President Trump is considering "the possibility of retaliation in Syria in response to a suspected chemical attack on young children and families in the Syrian city of Douma," reported CBS News. "If it's the Russians, if it's Syria, if it's Iran, if it's all of them together, we'll figure it out," Trump said. "Nothing's off the table," including a military attack by the United States. 

  • #Neveragain Movement: Settle On A Clear Demand By Ted Rall

    Eight hundred thousand people participated in the March for Our Lives rally in Washington on March 24, say organizers with the #NeverAgain movement sparked by the Parkland, Florida school massacre. The turnout was impressive -- but will it lead to new gun legislation?

  • Hiring John Bolton is Donald Trump's Most Dangerous Decision By Ted Rall

    Personnel is policy, they say in Washington. The appointment of John Bolton as national security advisor is by far President Trump's most dangerous decision.  

  • Democrats Should Run On Impeachment By Ted Rall

    Democrats are already counting their electoral chickens for the midterms - but their unwillingness to lay out a clear agenda may be about to hand the party their second devastating defeat in two years.

  • Never Mind Millennial Apathy, Here's Generation Z By Ted Rall

    Like many other Americans this week, I have been impressed with the poise, passion and guts of the Florida teenagers who survived the latest big school shooting, as well as that of their student allies in other cities who walked out of class, took to the streets and/or confronted government officials to demand that they take meaningful action to reduce gun violence. As we mark a series of big 50th anniversaries of the cluster of dramatic events that took place in 1968, one wonders: does this augur a return to the street-level militancy of that tumultuous year?

  • On The One Hand, Gun Violence; On The Other Hand, Gun Control By Ted Rall

    On the one hand, because it's the 18th school shooting so far this year, the news that another psychologically damaged man shot 17 schoolchildren to death with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle is not news. Put it on page 27 below the fold, maybe?

  • Why Do The Democrats Take Trump's Trolling Lying Down By Ted Rall

    This is advice for the Democrats. Democrats never take my advice. So why do I keep giving it to them?    

  • Democrats Could Lose Again This Fall By Ted Rall

    You're reading this, so you probably follow political punditry. And if you follow political punditry, you've been hearing the usual corporate suspects predict that one of two things will happen in this fall's midterm elections: either the Democrats will win big (win back the Senate), or they'll win really big (the House, too). Outta the way, Congressional Republicans: here comes the Big Blue Wave!

  • Democrats Have Hijacked the Anti-Trump Resistance By Ted Rall

    Leftists want to change the world. They want peace, equal income, equal wealth, equal rights for everybody.

  • So What if President Trump is a Jerk? By Ted Rall

    President Trump is under fire and we're all "shocked" that his s---hole mouth called the (predominantly black) nations of Africa "s---holes," helpfully comparing them to (predominantly blonde) Norway to make sure nobody missed the point. To drive home just how angry people are about this (and rightly so), Trump's comment overshadowed news that the government accidentally told the citizens of Hawaii they were about to get nuked. As George W. Bush would say, "that's some weird s---."