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  • Democrats Want To Lose The 2020 Election By Ted Rall

    "I am not a member of any organized political party," Will Rogers said ages ago. "I am a Democrat."

    So frustration with America's officially licensed nominally liberal political party is not new. Even for them, though, I can't imagine that any party ever worked as hard to pull defeat from the jaws of victory as the Dems are doing now.

  • Democrats' Obsession With Russian Election Hacking Makes Them Look Dumb By Ted Rall

    They got Al Capone for tax evasion -- only tax evasion. It wasn't very satisfying for his prosecutors. But they couldn't prove murder or racketeering. So they got him where they wanted him: behind bars. It wasn't elegant. But they got the job done. 

  • Donald Trump's Other Lies: His Campaign Promises by Ted Rall

    This week's political coverage -- probably next week's, too -- will likely be dominated by deposed FBI director James Comey's incendiary testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. However, Trump's "lies, pure and simple" are limited neither to the president's claim that Comey's FBI was "in disarray, that it was poorly led" nor his litany of falsehoods -- most recently, that the mayor of London doesn't care about terrorism and that Trump's First 100 Days were the most productive of any president in history.

  • What Do The Democrats Want? by Ted Rall

    In the 1970s, when I was a kid, I asked my mother to explain the difference between the two major parties. "Democrats," she explained, "are the party of the working man. Republicans represent big business."

  • Trump Voters' Message: We Exist by Ted Rall

    I think it was over Thanksgiving dinner. My mother's best friend, a dear woman who has been nothing but good to me, decided to poke some gentle fun, Dayton Ohio-style, at me.

  • Despite Everything, I Am Happy She Lost By Ted Rall

    His fans hoped he was another Ronald Reagan. His critics thought he was Hitler. Who would have guessed that, 100 days into a presidency, few besides me saw coming, Donald Trump would look like Jesse Ventura? 

  • What A Real Passenger Bill Of Rights Should Look Like by Ted Rall

    The violent ejection of a United Airlines passenger from a flight bound from Chicago to Louisville appears to have marked a long-awaited turning point. Dr. David Dao, 69, suffered a broken nose, lost two teeth and faces reconstructive sinus surgery. At last, America's long-suffering flying public is crying as one; have you commercial airlines no shame?

  • Why is Trump So Hated? It's The Tribalism by Ted Rall

    This one is in post-9/11 cadence: why do liberals hate Trump so much?

  • Five Things Democrats Could Do To Save Their Party (But Probably Won't) By Ted Rall

    Coupla weeks ago, I speculated that we may soon witness the end of the Democratic Party as we know it. I was kind. I didn't mention the fact that the party is all out of national leaders. I mean, can you name a likely, viable Democratic candidate for president in 2020? Can you name three?

  • The Splitting Up Of The Democratic Party by Ted Rall

    Before the election, some pundits were predicting that a Trump defeat would cause the Republican Party to split into at least two discrete new parties -- one representing the old GOP's business establishment, the other for the populist firebrands of the Tea Party. As the fight over gutting Obamacare reveals, those factions are in an uncomfortable marriage. But a full-fledged rupture doesn't appear imminent.