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  • Trump's North American Trade Triumph By Stephen Moore

    For those on the left and right who were certain that President Donald Trump's presidency meant the end of global free trade ... think again. Though Trump's critics have dismissed the significance of the new Mexico and Canada trade deal, it's hard to deny that it is a welcome advance for the economy of the entire continent.

  • Ending the Credit Rating Agency Racket By Stephen Moore

    This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the housing market meltdown that led to the Great Recession. Is another crisis looming around the corner?  

  • A Trillion-Dollar Blunder By Stephen Moore

    I have spent some three decades railing against faulty budgetary scoring of tax bills, but the latest charade from the Congressional Budget Office and Joint Tax Committee takes the cake. The story of fiscal phony math is so indefensible when it comes to the Trump tax cut that you may not believe it could be true. Alas, it is.

  • Saving the Republican Congress By Stephen Moore

    Even at this late hour, President Donald Trump can save the Republican Congress in November -- if they want to be saved. To understand how, we need to rewind back to this time last year.

  • How Solar and Wind Mandates Tax the Poor and Middle Class By Stephen Moore

    Liberals love to talk about helping the poor and the middle class, and they are obsessed with reducing income inequality. So why is it that across the country they are pushing one of the most regressive taxes in modern times?

  • Give Trump the Nobel Prize for Economics By Stephen Moore

    This past week I asked a friend at the White House about how the president was holding up against the onslaught of media attacks. "They didn't even deliver a glancing blow," was the response. It wasn't for a lack of trying.

  • The Threat of Tariffs May Work By Stephen Moore

    Love him or hate him, you've got to hand it to Donald Trump. His trade and tariff strategy -- risky as it is -- seems to be working. The master negotiator is hammering out agreements -- first with the Europeans and now with Mexico -- that are better deals for American firms and workers.

  • Don't Let the Fed End the Trump Prosperity By Stephen Moore

    There's an old cliche that the Federal Reserve likes to take away the punch bowl just when the party is getting going. That's what President Trump suspects that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is doing now by raising interest rates at a time of a booming economy.

  • Who's the Cleanest of Them All By Stephen Moore

    Take a wild guess what country is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions the most? Canada? Britain? France? India? Germany? Japan? No, no, no, no, no and no.

  • An Easy Way to Lower the Trade Deficit By Stephen Moore

    From the first day Donald Trump started running for president, he has raged against America's large and persistent trade deficit. His tariff policies are designed to try to reduce these trade imbalances. It is the metric he uses to gage whether other nations are playing by the rules of our trade deals. As a pure economic accounting measure, the U.S. GDP goes down when we import and goes up when we export.