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  • Oberlin's Racial Hucksterism Comes Home to Roost By Michelle Malkin

    As a right-wing alumna of far-left Oberlin College, I have four words for the administration in response to last week's ground-breaking $11 million jury verdict in the defaming of humble Gibson's Bakery:

  • From Convicted Murderer to Exoneree to Law Grad By Michelle Malkin

    What would you do if you were falsely accused and convicted of a brutal rape and murder you didn't commit?

    How would you handle a violent maximum-security prison, sentenced 16 years to life, at age 17?

  • Revoke Ilhan Omar's Marriage Fraud Immunity Card By Michelle Malkin

    If you are not a member of the Democrats' protected class of bitter loudmouths who hate America, you can be investigated and prosecuted for marriage fraud. The headlines have been filled with recent crackdowns.

  • DUH: HUD Housing Should Put Americans First By Michelle Malkin

    We no longer live in a constitutional republic. We live in an idiocracy.

    Only in modern-day America, under the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, is the basic proposition that federally subsidized public housing should benefit American citizens and legal residents slammed as "despicable" and "damaging."

  • Harvard's Insatiable Identity-Politics Cannibals By Michelle Malkin

    I have no love for left-wing, Hillary-promoting Hollywood producer and accused #MeToo villain Harvey Weinstein. Nor am I a fan of those who perpetrated the cop-bashing "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" fiction involving social justice martyr Michael Brown. But I do strongly believe that a grave injustice has been committed by Harvard's witch-hunt mobsters against a law professor who joined Weinstein's legal team and had represented Brown's family in a civil suit against Ferguson, Missouri.

  • Keeping Fake Illegal Alien Families Together By Michelle Malkin

    Who remembers the hysterical sound and fury of open borders leftists last summer over President Donald Trump's detention and enforcement policies at our besieged southern border?

  • The Bidens: They're Still Not Like Us By Michelle Malkin

    Now that Creepy Joe Biden thinks he has put to rest all the cringy questions about his grabby hands, he has reverted to one of his old-time shticks: middle-class Joe. Champion of the masses. Hero of the hoi polloi. A six-term U.S. senator and two-term vice president, which equates to 44 back-slapping, log-rolling, favor-trading years in Washington, this decrepit Beltway swamp-dweller wants flyover Americans to believe that he's really just like you and me.

  • Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census By Michelle Malkin

    "Are you a U.S. citizen?"

  • Questions for Chase (Away) Bank By Michelle Malkin

    I have been a Chase Bank customer for years. Who knows how much longer it'll be? Will the company's thought police come for me next? How about you? If you are a non-leftist who does business with the financial giant owned by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., you need to ask questions and get answers.

  • False Accuser Shaun Lying King's Record of Harm By Michelle Malkin

    This week, "journalist, activist and humanitarian" Shaun King will give a keynote speech at the annual Innocence Network conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The theme of the event, whose attendees work to prevent and undo wrongful convictions, is "The Presumption of Innocence."