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  • Banning Straws By John Stossel

    Want to sip a refreshing beverage this summer?

    If environmental zealots and sycophants get their way, you won't be allowed to sip it through a plastic straw.

  • Dads Needed By John Stossel

    Warren Farrell was once considered a feminist leader. He hung around with Gloria Steinem and wrote about why men and women should break out of rigid old gender roles.    

  • One Nation, Many Individuals By John Stossel

    We celebrate the Fourth of July because that's the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, 242 years ago. You might call July 4 America's birthday.

    The Declaration didn't just declare our independence from Britain; it vowed to create a government that respected all people's rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

  • Shut Up, They Explain By John Stossel

    I'm not surprised that mobs shriek at Trump administration officials in restaurants and that Maxine Waters wants more of that. I've watched this happen at American colleges.

  • Chinese Big Brother By John Stossel

    Upset because Facebook and Google invade your privacy? Be glad you don't live in China.

    Facebook and other Western apps are banned there. The government views their openness as a threat. So the Chinese use platforms like WeChat and Alibaba.

  • Patriarchy Defender By John Stossel

    "Shame on you! Shame on you!" chanted protestors after psychology professor Jordan Peterson said he'd refuse to obey a law that would require everyone to call people by the pronoun they prefer -- pronouns like "ze" instead of "he" or "she."

  • Crony Developments By John Stossel

    "Are you on the take?"

    When I tried to get Edgewater, New Jersey, politicians to answer that question, the mayor wouldn't discuss it, ultimately telling me, "You may sit down."

  • Against Higher Education By John Stossel

    Today, all Americans are told, "Go to college!"   

  • The Innocence Project By John Stossel

    On TV crime shows like "CSI," "NCIS" and "Law & Order," science gets the bad guys.

    In real life, "science" often ensnares the innocent.

  • Amazon Fights Back By John Stossel

    Seattle is worried about the well-being of the poor and mentally ill people living there, so it's going to drive businesses out of town.