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  • A Better Choice by John Stossel

    Hillary Clinton is a manipulative, power-mad liar.

  • Mixed Signals In The Race For The House by Kyle Kondik

    This may be a particularly bad time to write an update on the House. But we’re going to do so anyway, if only to explain why that is.

  • What Candidates Won't Say By John Stossel

    Catch politicians in private moments and you might hear what they really believe: Donald Trump "can do anything" to women because he's powerful. Hillary Clinton's "private" positions aren't the same as her "public" ones.

  • Admiring Foreign Leaders By John Stossel

    Asked on a TV show to name a foreign leader he admires, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson choked. He couldn't produce a name. He said he had "a brain freeze." The media pounced.   

  • The Debate I Heard By John Stossel

    Something's wrong with me.

    I watched Monday's presidential debate. But what I heard was different from what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seemed to say.

  • Supreme Court Picks By John Stossel

    Hillary Clinton and her fellow progressives shout things like "Health care is a right!" They've also said that education, decent housing and child care are "rights."    

  • Sausage Party Politics By John Stossel

    Seth Rogen, co-writer, co-producer and co-star of the animated comedy "Sausage Party," is unhappy with me -- for defending him.

    His movie was attacked by some online commentators for using ethnic and sexual stereotypes, as cartoons often do. What was remarkable is how incensed some people get over a cartoon, even one about talking food.

  • Free Speech By John Stossel

    Donald Trump tells reporters, "We're going to have people sue you like you never got sued before."    

  • Neither Dictator nor King By John Stossel

    It was refreshing to moderate a "town hall" with the Libertarian presidential and vice presidential candidates last week because Govs. Gary Johnson and William Weld respect limits on presidential power.   

  • Libertarian Town Hall By John Stossel

    Vote for Donald Trump? No! Hillary Clinton? No!