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  • Owning Ideas by John Stossel

    For most of history, people suffered in miserable poverty.

    Then, in a few hundred years, some new ideas made life hugely better for billions of us -- things like running water, the printing press, the steam engine, electricity, the Internet.

    We want people to keep coming up with new and better ideas. But there's a problem: Why would you bother to spend years inventing something if other people can just steal your idea? Who will devote years and millions of dollars to making a big movie? Or a dozen years and billions of dollars to bringing a new drug to market? Almost no one.



  • Restate of the Union by John Stossel

    President Obama sure is consistent. His State of the Union address sounded like his other speeches: What I've done is great! America is in a much better position. We've created a manufacturing sector that's adding jobs. More oil is produced at home. I cut deficits in half!

  • The Better Option by John Stossel

    It's easy to "fire" a business that rips you off. Just go to a different one. It's a lot easier to patronize another business than to get government to fix the problem.

  • Trust by John Stossel

    Trust -- society depends on it.

  • Ignorance By John Stossel

    No wonder Cuba wallows in poverty.

    Last week, the New York Times reported that the Castro brothers opened a special business zone where foreign companies "would be given greater control over setting wages at factories. ... (P)roposals would be approved or rejected within 60 days."

    What? If I want to give someone a raise, I have to wait up to two months for government approval! That's absurd.

  • Up-Lyft-ing Xmas Tale By John Stossel

    This Christmas Eve, if you see a fat man in a sleigh distributing presents, tell him he is in violation of several government regulations.

    The Federal Aviation Administration is upset about his secret flight path, and his gift bag violates charity tax rules.

    In real life, government barely lets people give each other rides in cars. But now the Internet has given birth to exciting businesses that challenge the rules.

  • Governing vs. Giving By John Stossel

    It's the season for giving.

    That doesn't mean it's the season for government.

    Government creates loyalty in the minds of citizens by pretending to be Santa Claus, doling out gifts and favors. Politicians claim they help those unfortunates who aren't helped by coldhearted capitalism.

  • Climate Catastrophe by John Stossel

    People argue about whether the "consensus" of scientists is that we face disaster because of global warming. Instead of debating whether man's greenhouse gasses will raise temperatures, we should argue about how we gauge disasters. 

    If you take most environmentalists and climate scientists at their word, the Earth heated up about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit over the past century, not much more than it heated up the century before that. Warming may increase, but no one can be certain of that.

  • Place Your Bets by John Stossel

    Want to bet on tomorrow's NFL game between Chicago and Dallas? I do.

    Newspapers and websites all over America tell their readers that Dallas is favored by three points. That's the "spread" posted by bookies. Millions will be bet on that game, and billions  will be bet on other games this weekend -- college football, NBA games, NHL matches, UFC events ...

  • Thanks, Property Rights! By John Stossel

    This Thanksgiving, I give thanks for something our forebears gave us: property rights.

    People associate property rights with greed and selfishness, but they are keys to our prosperity. Things go wrong when resources are held in common.