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  • Climate Exit By John Stossel

    President Trump's pick to be the new secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, is not a fan of the Paris climate agreement, the treaty that claims it will slow global warning by reducing the world's carbon dioxide emissions. Politicians from most of the world's nations signed the deal, and President Obama said "we may see this as the moment that we finally decided to save our planet."

  • Lies About Trade By John Stossel

    Maybe Donald Trump is such a powerful communicator and pot-stirrer that other countries, embarrassed by their own trade barriers, will eliminate them.

    Then I will thank the president for the wonderful thing he did. Genuine free trade will be a recipe for wonderful economic growth.

  • No Trade Barriers By John Stossel

    No, President Trump, it's not true that if you tax imported steel, we "will have protection for the first time in a long while."

    The opposite is true. If you raise tariffs on steel and aluminum, you punish consumers.

  • The Political Oscars Bu John Stossel

    Sunday, Hollywood sycophants give out Oscars.

  • Pay Your Dues! By John Stossel

    If your workplace is a union shop, are you forced to pay union dues? Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about that.

  • Success Academy By John Stossel

    Kids who attend New York City's Success Academy charter schools do remarkably well.   

  • Silk Road By John Stossel

    Ross Ulbricht was a quiet nerd -- an Eagle Scout who never cursed.

  • Freedom Ranking By John Stossel

    Is America the world's freest country? Sadly, no.    

  • Keep It Closed! By John Stossel

    The government is open again. That's too bad.

    One day, one of these shutdowns should be permanent. We would still have far more government than the Founding Fathers envisioned.

  • Selling Hate By John Stossel

    Who will warn Americans about hate groups? The media know: the Southern Poverty Law Center.