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  • Better Schools By John Stossel

    With most services, you get to shop around, but rarely can you do that with government-run schools.

    Philadelphia mom Elaine Wells was upset to learn that there were fights every day in the school her son attended. So she walked him over to another school.

  • Recovering from Labor By John Stossel

    On Labor Day, did you celebrate workers? More likely, you made it a day of rest.

  • Bad Law Keeps People Poor By John Stossel

    Why does most of Africa stay poor while other parts of the world prosper?

    People blame things like climate, the history of colonialism, racism, etc.

  • Trump's Promise By John Stossel

    President Donald Trump promised he'd get rid of bad rules.

  • Sell an Organ By John Stossel

    Have you volunteered to be an organ donor? I did.

    I just clicked the box on the government form that asks if, once I die, I'm willing to donate my organs to someone who needs them.

  • Stupid News By John Stossel

    "Fake news!" shouts the president. His supporters cheer.

  • Free Stuff! By John Stossel

    Never before have presidential candidates offered voters so much "free" stuff.

  • Wages War By John Stossel

    Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign was just disrupted by campaign workers demanding the same $15 per hour Sanders demands government force all employers to pay.

  • Gagging Investigators By John Stossel

    Recording events from public land shouldn't be a crime.

    Yet when a woman in Utah, standing by a public road, filmed farmworkers pushing a cow with a bulldozer, the farmer drove up to her and said, "You cannot videotape my property."

  • Government Bullies By John Stossel

    The city of Dunedin, Florida, wants Jim Ficken's home.

    Ficken's mom died, so he went to South Carolina to take care of her estate. He asked a friend to look after his house.