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  • Single-Payer Health Care By John Stossel

    America needs single-payer health care, say progressives. That's a system where government pays doctors and hospitals, and no sick person has to worry about having enough money to pay for care. After all, they say, "Health care is a "right!"    

  • Told You So! By John Stossel

    Republicans held the Senate! Democrats took the House but by a narrower margin!

    Did I just embarrass myself?

  • A Bridge to Sell You By John Stossel

    "Libertarians believe that you should be as conservative or as liberal as you want to be as long as you don't want to force yourself on others," says Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate for governor of New York.

  • Politicians' Deceitful Promise By John Stossel

    Will you be able to retire? Maybe not.

    Will your state pay what its politicians promised? Almost certainly not.

  • Shut Up, They Explain By John Stossel

    Gloria Alvarez, the young woman from Guatemala I wrote about last week, just got blocked by Facebook. Why? Because she criticizes socialism.

    After Alvarez joined me in my American studio to make a video we titled "Socialism Fails Every Time," she flew to Mexico City to make a speech.

  • Socialism Destroys By John Stossel

    Socialism is hot.

  • Seriously Mentally Ill By John Stossel

    They live on the street, often foraging through dumpsters. Some threaten us. Occasionally, they assault people.

    Thousands of mentally ill people cycle in and out of hospital emergency rooms. They strain our medical system, scare the public and sometimes harm themselves.

  • Leaving the Left By John Stossel

    Watching this video upset me. Students and even faculty members won't let Dave Rubin speak. They constantly interrupt, shouting "hate speech!" and "black lives matter!"

    Rubin was once a man of the left. He even was a co-host on The Young Turks network.

  • Prices Should Rise By John Stossel

    Officials in states hit by Hurricane Florence are on the lookout for "price gouging."   

  • Scooters Outrun Law By John Stossel

    I just zipped down a city street on an electric scooter. It cost me 15 cents a minute. Fast and fun!

    My scooter was just lying on the ground. I picked it up, activated it with my phone and rode away. When I was done, I simply abandoned it.