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  • Better Care Can Also Cost Less By Froma Harrop

    Almost everyone has known or will know the helplessness of caring for -- or overseeing the care of -- a sick loved one. That such situations are often mired in chaos raises the anxiety level for both the patient and others trying to do the right thing.

  • Ask Not What Your Cat Can Do for You by Froma Harrop

    A big-selling book, "Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet," helps cat lovers understand what is going on in the hearts and brains of their kitties. Sadly, not nearly so much as they thought and hoped.

  • Lessons Not Learned in Boston Bombing By Froma Harrop

    Airport gift shops throughout New England are piling "Boston Strong" T-shirts in vivid colors. "Boston Strong" became a rallying cry of solidarity after the terrorist bombing last year at the Boston Marathon.

    As the anniversary of the attack -- and the next race on April 21 -- approaches, emotional coverage of the event and aftermath is reaching feverish levels. A multipage spread in The Washington Post, "How Boston Stayed Strong," heaves with charged language: "harrowing," "carnage," "horrific."

    So it's really odd to see these pained reminiscences alternating with rebukes of a National Security Agency surveillance program designed to prevent such assaults. Actually, the disconnect is something to behold.

  • Let There Be Light on Health Spending By Froma Harrop

    Foes of Obamacare often frame such health reforms as "redistribution" schemes. They take money from hardworking Americans and give it to the presumably undeserving.

  • US and Canada: Together at Last? By Froma Harrop

    What country do Americans overwhelmingly like the most? Canada.   

  • All Sheldon Adelson Wants By Froma Harrop

    There is something truly spectacular about Sheldon Adelson. Witness the parade of Republican supplicants paying tribute in his Las Vegas lair. They would include Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

  • Dems Shouldn't Run Away From Obamacare By Froma Harrop

    The ruckus around the Affordable Care Act rollout has been loud, and Republicans are beefing up the amp to rally voters this November. Democrats, meanwhile, are reverting to bad old habits by using the wind machine as an accurate gauge of public feelings. They fight the wind rather than turn the machine around. And, of course, that's how they lose.

    Timidity is a standard operating practice for Democrats fearful of sounding too liberal in what is described as a "right-of-center" country. If Democrats spend more time promising to save Obamacare than trumpeting what's good about it, what they dread will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If they don't honor the program, why should the voters

  • Two-Track Minds on Security and Privacy By Froma Harrop

    The first shocking headlines after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared revealed that two men had boarded with stolen passports. "Stark evidence of security gap," blared The Christian Science Monitor.

    It appears that illegal immigration, not terrorism, was the two Iranians' intention. But media and governments across the globe shook their heads wildly that an airport security system had failed to check an international database for stolen passports.

  • The Impossible Case of Sandoval-Perez By Froma Harrop

    The story of Josue Noe Sandoval-Perez, an illegal immigrant recently deported back to his native Mexico, perfectly captures the chaos of our broken immigration system -- and for all sides of the debate. Settled in this country for 16 years, Sandoval-Perez appears to have been the good father and hard worker his champions portray. But his dilemma does not offer an argument for ignoring the country's immigration laws.

  • Yawning at Anonymous Posts By Froma Harrop

    Beats me how new apps like "Secret" and "Whisper" are going to make big money. Presumably, that is the objective of their Silicon Valley creators.