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Questions - Banking and Inflation - April 7-8, 2012

Confidence in Fed to Control Inflation Falls Back Below 40%
48% Still Question Stability of U.S. Banks
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National Survey of 1,000 Adults
Conducted April 7-8, 2012, 2012
By Rasmussen Reports



1* How confident are you in the stability of the U.S. banking industry today?


2* When thinking about the money you have in the bank, how worried are you that it will be lost due to a bank failure?

3* How concerned are you about inflation?

4* How confident are you that the Federal Reserve Board will be able to keep inflation under control and interest rates down?


5* Are you paying more for groceries now than you were a year ago?

6* A year from now, will the amount you spend for groceries be higher, lower or about the same?

7* Do you owe more money, less money or about the same amount as you did a year ago?


8* Are the interest rates you’re paying now higher or lower than a year ago, or are they about the same?

9* A year from now, will interest rates be higher, lower or about the same?



NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence