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Rasmussen Reports Proprietary Econometric Data

The Rasmussen Reports Consumer Index, our daily indicator of U.S. daily consumer confidence, is a valued leading indicator of the more broadly distributed and  less frequent indices  from the University of Michigan, The Conference Board® as well as those from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Rasmussen Reports has tracked U.S. daily consumer confidence for over 10 years and remains one of the leading daily indicators of consumer sentiment used by Wall Street analysts, economists, hedge funds, investment advisors and others. The index is compiled from our daily national surveys of American consumers which track and measure their confidence, expectations and sentiment toward the U.S. economy. The daily frequency and sample sizes of our index surveys allow subscribers to gauge daily changes to national consumer expectations and confidence. This provides users with a powerful analytic tool given the current volatility of geopolitical and world events. The index also comes packaged with daily and month-by-month trend data.

Rasmussen Reports offers a suite of long-standing proprietary financial and econometric data:

  • Consumer Index
  • Investor Index
  • Consumer Spending Monitor
  • Discretionary Spending Monitor
  • Employment Index
  • Financial Security Index
  • Small Business Index
  • Housing Trends
  • Banking and Inflation Trends

The Rasmussen Reports Consumer Index, along with all of the Rasmussen Reports Econometric data, is available by subscription from Rasmussen Reports.  We offer both individual index and full-site subscriptions, along with other licensing agreements including custom econometric data and services.

To subscribe or learn more about our suite of long standing proprietary econometric products please call 732-776-9777 or send e-mail to other.emails@rasmussenreports.com.

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