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Toplines - West Virginia Special Senate Election - September 8, 2010

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West Virginia Survey of 500 Likely Voters
Conducted September 8, 2010
By Rasmussen Reports

1* How would you rate the job Barack Obama has been doing as President… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?

22% Strongly approve
14% Somewhat approve
  9% Somewhat disapprove
53% Strongly disapprove
  2% Not sure

2* How would you rate the job Joe Manchin has been doing as Governor… do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the job he’s been doing?


       35% Strongly approve

       32% Somewhat approve

       19% Somewhat disapprove

       13% Strongly disapprove

         1% Not sure


3* 2010 Special Senate Election Race



John Raese (R)

Joe Manchin (D)

Some other candidate

Not sure

September 7, 2010





August 29, 2010





July 23, 2010






Note: Surveys conducted prior to September 7 show results without leaners.


4* I’m going to read you a short list of people in the News. For each, please let me know if you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression.


Candidate for the WV Governor Race

Very Favorable

Somewhat Favorable

Somewhat Unfavorable

Very Unfavorable

Not sure














5* What is best for the State of West Virginia….for Joe Manchin to remain as Governor or for Joe Manchin to represent West Virginia in the United States senate?


       42% Joe Manchin to remain as governor

       37% Joe Manchin to represent West Virginia in the United State senate

       21% Not sure


6* In terms of how you will vote in the next national election, are you primarily interested in National Security issues such as the War with Iraq and the War on Terror, Economic issues such as jobs and economic growth, Domestic Issues like Social Security and Health Care, Cultural issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion, or Fiscal issues such as taxes and government spending?


      11% National Security Issues

      44% Economic Issues

      15% Domestic Issues

        5% Cultural Issues

      12% Fiscal Issues

      13% Not sure

7* Do most members of Congress care what their constituents think?

    12% Yes
71% No
17% Not sure

8* How angry are you at the current policies of the federal government?

       50% Very angry
       22% Somewhat angry
       15% Not very angry
         9% Not at all angry
         4% Not sure

9* A proposal has been made to repeal the health care bill and stop it from going into effect. Do you strongly favor, somewhat favor, somewhat oppose or strongly oppose a proposal to repeal the health care bill?

       49% Strongly favor
       16% Somewhat favor
       11% Somewhat oppose
       18% Strongly oppose
         5% Not sure


10* If the health care bill is repealed would that be good for the economy, bad for the economy or would it have no impact on the economy?


       49% Good
       21% Bad
       17% No impact

       13% Not sure


11* Generally speaking, how would you rate the U.S. economy these days? Excellent, good, fair, or poor?


     1% Excellent
     4% Good
    39% Fair
    57% Poor
    0% Not sure


12* Are economic conditions in the country getting better or worse?


       17% Better
       60% Worse
       19% Staying the same
         4% Not sure

13* Is the U.S. currently in a recession?

    63% Yes
17% No
19% Not sure

14* Do you know anyone who is out of work and looking for a job?


       74% Yes
       21% No
         5% Not sure

15* Is the job market better than it was a year ago, worse than it was a year ago or about the same?


       13% Better
       48% Worse
       37% Staying the same
         2% Not sure


NOTE: Margin of Sampling Error, +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence